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Root Project updates

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by EagerestWolf, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. EagerestWolf

    EagerestWolf Android Enthusiast
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    Nov 28, 2012

    Okay, just trying to keep everyone in the loop. Today, I officially upgraded to the Nexus 5. That being said, I do not plan to stop developing for the Valiant. In fact, I will take a few more risks with it now because hard bricking isn't a major concern. As for projects
    • CyanogenMod 11 is still in the works, but I need to get it to boot before I can do anything else with it. As I am terrible with ramdisks, I an relying a lot on rhebomax for this and he does have his own projects, so don't expect anything super soon.
    • Clockworkmod is going equally as slow because again I think what is causing the issues is a combination of the fstab (I don't know much about fstab 2) or the ramdisk.
    • TWRP was abandoned, but I may pick it back up because I think I may be able to get it to work this time although this cannot be used for KitKat because it does not support the new assert style.
    • Cyanogenmod 10 will also be in the works eventually for those who like Jellybean as opposed to KitKat. As I have not started on this yet though I have no estimates on how long it will take or what issues I will encounter.

    That being said, I am officially looking for people to join a development team with me, because I do want to branch out into other devices and this is too much of a load for me alone. If interested, pm me with what role you want to play on the team and why you feel you are qualified for that role.


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