Proper Tagging For Android Music Apps?

I am using a Mygica TV Box. It uses Android.

I've been trying out various music players. JetAudio and Google Play Music, in particular. But all of have the following frustrating problem for me:

When there is a an accented letter in artist or album name or a song title, Android replaces the accented letters with chinese characters, though. sometimes it renders the accented letter correctly. Sometimes within the same album, the accented letter will show properly on some songs and chinese characters on others, thus showing two albums. I used blanket tagging for the album name.

I use mp3tag for my tagging. My music is on a USB drive attached to the Mygica.

I know this has something to do with propper tagging.

And that is what I want to know. How do I properly tag my music, so that metadata with accented letters, will show up correctly in any Android music app.?

BTW, if I use a DLNA music app to play the same music on my laptop, the accented letters are rendered correctly. The problem is rendering from local attached media.

There must be a solution to this. There must be millions of Android users in non-English countries. I'm an English speaking Canadian.


It's not a problem of Android per se, but the device you are using likely does not have a font pack with accented characters.

That's what it is, a Chinese version of Android that can't deal with European languages except English. And for characters it hasn't got, like accented letters, it shows Chinese characters. It's definitely a Chinese box. Don't think you can do anything with it, apart from returning it for a refund.