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pros and cons of limiting background processes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by greg schmeg, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest
    Thread Starter

    What are the pros and cons to limiting background app activity inside of the developer options menu? Seems to me that limiting the background process would help battery life, but at what cost? Any negative effects or other benefits/problems with doing this? Thanks in advance

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  2. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Ok im one of these that really doesn't like something running in the background that I don't use. The very first thing I do when I install a rom is uninstall or delete about half or more, then I install what I use and work from there, if I find I need something I need then I install it, if not then its not, just my rule lol..............:rolleyes:;)
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  3. Codegerm

    Codegerm Android Expert

    Generally speaking Android (especially JB) is good about controlling its processes. I would let Android handle that. One way the OS keeps performance high is holding apps cached so it is not always having to reload apps, and not all background apps are using up CPU cycles. As Doc stated, get rid of the bloat apps you never use. Limiting the background process can have a negative affect by causing the phone to constantly unload and reload apps. Remember Android is a Linux type of OS and so is modular in design, everything is an app (phone, sms, etc)
  4. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest
    Thread Starter

    Right on. Well I've debloated the bajee out of blu kuban. I even took off everything Google except to let play store work. Only have apps I need installed. But still have many many background processes happening sometimes when I go to task manager so I thought I would ask. I'm going to leave it stock in that sense and not change the limitations on background processes. Thx guys
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  5. bilgerryan

    bilgerryan Android Enthusiast

    That's TouchWiz for you, I recommend Battery Doctor... It will clean apps need cache when you turn the screen off (if you choose that option). That way you have things cached when you're using the phone and when you shut the screen off it will clean things up so stuff isn't running when you're not using the phone. Greenify is also a good app to "hibernate" apps not being used. I actually use both along with ComaDose v2.0. I get 24 hours per cycle and average 4 hours of screen on. Really you gotta tweak things for your use and as you gain knowledge on how the Android system works it becomes easier to make it do exactly what you want. This phone has enough power to really do just about anything you could ever want, you just have to know how to tweak it to your needs. It's a journey and devs can't do everything for you, but that's why the average Android user is way smarter than the average iPhone user. It's funny to look at some of the stuff they will say. If you tell an Android user to push something, they will usually at least try or ask you how... Ask an the average iPhone user to do something and look out... "You need to fix this for me"... SMH. End rant.
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