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pro's & con's of the Galaxy Ace 2?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GrahamF, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. GrahamF

    GrahamF Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone, I have been a very happy owner of the Galaxy Ace (on Froyo 2.2.1) for some time now, but am considering upgrading to the Ace 2. Can't find many reviews on-line so would appreciate any feedback. I know it has better spec & RAM etc.. but does it have any nasty little bugs like the first one? ie/ SOD, wifi etc...? Thank you in advance for your positive/negative comments. Graham :thumb:

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  2. fuzzface

    fuzzface Member

    Having owned both, and currently own the Ace 2 and I recommend it.

    No bugs so far that I know of, battery life is a bit hit and miss, but better thant the first Ace.

    It supports Flash, so more games and content available, definitely an upgrade I think.
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  3. iKevvin

    iKevvin Newbie

    I would definitely recommend the ACE 2!
    Runs amazingly
    -You cannot turn off the camera shutter noise unless you are in silent mode
    -You cannot access a mini music player from the home/Lock screen
    -A bit cluttered with Samsung apps but that's usual

    That's about it all cons I mentioned can be fixed with a simple software update *Hint Hint Samsung* GIVE US ICS!! lol. :D
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  4. GrahamF

    GrahamF Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys, as you can see from my new Avatar I'm now the proud owner of the Galaxy Ace 2. Looks & feels nice so far, can't wait to put it through its paces, lol. :five:
  5. Pertusaria

    Pertusaria Lurker

    Cons so far, about half a month after purchase:
    - Seems not to have a camera zoom function
    - Very little built-in storage (less than Samsung Galaxy SII, for example)
    - Usual Samsung proprietary USB port
    - I'm not thrilled with Samsung Kies software for updates and PC interaction

    On the whole, I'm very happy with it. Pros:
    - Takes pretty pictures
    - Skype works well, sometimes camera seems to go to sleep if you don't move around much
    - Has a normal-sized headphone slot and doesn't need special headphones to receive radio
    - Fairly easy to use interface
    - Nice size for normal / small hands and pockets, although doesn't really work for one-handed texting (for me)
    - Audio quality on calls is good, i.e. it works as a phone ;-)

    Overall, I'm very happy, although as it's my first smartphone there's a predictable jump in features. The Kies software really grates in comparison to the ease of uploading pictures from my old Nokia, though, and I haven't yet spotted how to make this phone "visible" to Windows Explorer so as not to need the software so frequently.
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  6. @Pertusaria Do you mean you want to connect your phone to your PC to copy files over? If so, this seems to be the way.

    Go to Wireless and Network > USB Utilities > COnnect storage to PC. Then it tels you to connect it to your PC. Then click 'Connect USB storage'. After a few seconds loading you will be able to copy files to and from your phone like a normal disk drive. Just make sure you click 'Disconnect storage from PC' on your phone before unplugging.

    This is a bit different to my last Samsung phone. Previously I'd just plug my phone in and my phone would ask if I wanted to connect to the PC, which is much easier. Maybe I'm going about it wrong?
  7. richsausage

    richsausage Newbie

    It's not proprietary, it's a Micro USB port, like every other phone out there (apart from iPhone, of course).. :)

    If you install Kies, it installs the necessary MTP drivers so whenever you connect your phone you can access the drives (USB storage & SD Card) on there without needing to do anything. Give it a try. Just connect it to your PC and you should see a device called "GT-I8160" appear under "My Computer", you can open this to drag files to/from your computer without using any special software.
  8. Ah right, I didn't realise that, thanks. I'd read the MTP method is better because you can still access your SD card on your phone whilst it's connected.

    I used Kies to update my last Samsung phone and to be honest, after using it then, I don't think I want to install Kies ever again! Such a crap program. I'll probably stick with this slightly more awkward method although it's nice to now how it works in case I change my mind, thanks.
  9. richsausage

    richsausage Newbie

    I was just thinking about this. I have the MTP drivers on my work laptop without Kies and I can access the USB storage and network card - I believe I just connected the phone to my laptop and Windows Update downloaded the MTP driver for me. Might be worth trying MTP is a lot more convenient.
  10. Hmm, good idea. Worth a try.

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