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Pros n Cons

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thebusdriver, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. thebusdriver

    thebusdriver Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys. I'm looking at possibly picking up the Hero and wanted to get your honest opinions on it after using it for a while. Is there anything that really bugs you about it? Anything you really love about it? Hows the overall web browsing experience?

    Basically what are your Pros n Cons lists for the HTC Hero.

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  2. oxford_lad

    oxford_lad Lurker

    I've had my hero for about 3 months now and still don't find it as easy going as an iPhone..

    Have spent some time on here looking to make my phone better but personally I think the iphone is a better phone....

    Saying that though I will stick with my hero for a bit longer.....
  3. monkegeo

    monkegeo Newbie

    Personally, the only con for me is the lack of flash, whereas the iPhone has a few. I'd go about it another way. List the must haves and like to have features and then check all the phones and platforms for these.

    Personally I wanted:

    Must have:
    1) Cheap and sub
  4. huntsman84

    huntsman84 Newbie

    Just got mine about 2 and a half weeks ago, and I am still just as impressed with it as I was on day 1, I can't put it down.


    -Highly customizable
    -Android OS is awesome and lots of potential
    -Android 2.1 on the way
    -Beautiful Design
    -Nice camera
    -Tons of useful apps
    -GPS (available turn by turn navigation as well - have tested it and ended up giving my old TomTom to my parents; using Copilot)
    -Web browsing is excellent, very fast on both 3G and wifi
    -Battery is about average to above average for a smartphone
    -Syncs my calendar, email, contacts, everything is well organized and has improved my organization since having it
    -MULTITASKING! Have a few web browsers open, pause Robo Defense to check your email, go on Twitter, all while easily switching between them

    -Sometimes the UI gets a bit sluggish, but not a deal breaker in any way and generally taken care of using a task killer
    -Wish the camera had flash, my gf's bb storm2 has a nice flash on it

    This is a great phone all around. I couldn't be happier with it, easily the best phone I've owned and both HTC and the Android OS show incredible potential for the future.
  5. pulsarman

    pulsarman Member

    i own a hero and an iphone and both have thier pros and cons but i would say that the winner is.................the HERO! its a much better phone to play with because its so customizable, the ONLY problem is that it dont quite work as well as iphone, as in losing 3g signal (might be t-mob!), connection to wi-fi is useless and the handset runs a bit slow at times, but even with these problems i would say it is still better than iphone. Not much in it but thats just my opinion.
  6. golder

    golder Member


    -Issues with emails (didn't work abroad etc.)
    -Don't receive all calls (tested in 2 countries)
    -Camera is terrible in low-light conditions and slow
    -Generally slow - 1-2 second delays half the time when pressing buttons
    -Still on Cupcake
    -Battery has to be charged every night
    -Android apps aren't very polished (e.g. games might stop when you get a call, constantly run in the background)

    There were a few more, but those issues were solved when I upgraded the firmware. Overall though, the benefits outweigh the problems.
  7. thebusdriver

    thebusdriver Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the replies guys. I really want to get the Hero but Im debating weather to buy the phone strait up for $500 and get a month to month contract going or buy the phone for $50 and get locked into a 3 year contract.
  8. mmusaji

    mmusaji Member

    I've had mine for a few months now and although I read a about other peoples problems about wifi and text etc etc, you have to ask yourself, out of all the people who have these issues, how many do not? Because I for one, have not had a single issue with wifi, 3g or any lag.

    I rooted the phone the day I got it, never looked back. Its quick, does everything I need it to. The only con I would say is syncing with Windows is rubbish and okay, the camera isn't Sony Ericsson standard. Every app I've needed I've found, and again, they might not be as "polished" as iPhone apps.... but I've not paid for a single one yet (and not that I won't, just that I don't have to).

    Hero beats iPhone hands down for me... plus I'm not paying for a stupid
  9. Dreamdroidz

    Dreamdroidz Lurker

    I got my hero yesterday, and first impression is good. Phone seems fast, good wifi, loads of free apps on the marked (tested a few, and I m impressed), design is lovely, the price. I bought it new in Norway (without a contract) for aprox 650 $ which is about half the price of an iphone 3gs 16gb. Norway is an expensive country, and I wanted to buy it here because of language and our extended warranty (100% for 2 years, and limited 5 years).

    - A bit heavy.. I dont know, might just be me ;)
    - Camera is not the best
  10. daveybaby

    daveybaby Android Expert

    Android OS + SenseUI = win
    Widgets, Mutitasking, customisability.... feels almost like a desktop OS.
    Can root easily if the stock firmware doesnt do quite enough for you
    Apps market rapidly approaching quality of iphone's
    Love the physical design and build quality
    ITS MY PHONE, i dont feel like i have some control freak corporation looking over my shoulder telling me what i'm allowed to do with it.
    2.1 coming soon

    Crap camera
    CPU not as good as newer phones (better battery life though, so...)
    Not quite as polished as the iphone, but then the iphone doesnt do nearly as much.
    To get the most out of the phone it helps to be a bit of a geek.
    Still waiting for 2.1

    I think it's still the best phone out there. The iPhone OS feels really limited after using android. The Droid/Milestone is fugly (IMO). The Nexus One has actually given me pause, it's really nice in the flesh and really smooth to use, but once the hero gets 2.1 they'll both be running the same apps and the hero still has senseUI.
  11. johnydoe

    johnydoe Newbie

    Have my Hero for two days now and found it great so far :p;):D

    But one thing I don't like is that the strenght of Wifi is poor - let's say.
    I have Wifi at home and when I go to other room that is app. 10 metres far from AP, the signal goes down to 50 %. :(:thinking:

    The router is Edimax AR-7084.

    I have tested another cell phone (Nokia 5800XM) with the same settings on both sides and had much better signal...

    Anyway, automatic re-connection to wifi AP is working great but SSID should be set to visible ;)
  12. lekky

    lekky Lover

    nah wifi works great for me, same as my laptop really.

    You know what, i dont know whats happened but the camera seems to have gotten a lot better for me all of a sudden, i'm even using the deault instead of camera zoom fx now.

    Get the hero, its a fantastic phone, and for what it is, you can get it on some incredibly cheap deals.
  13. Elpelco

    Elpelco Well-Known Member

    Some of these are for Android and not exclusive to the Hero


    High level of customisation
    Sense UI
    Android updates
    Shape (the chin makes it very nice to hold)
    There's pretty much an app for everything you need
    Makes social networking really easy


    Camera is not great; no flash
    Battery life is not great

    And that's it. For me, the pros FAR outweigh the cons. I love this phone. Wouldn't trade it for the Nexus one and certainly not the iphone.

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