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Protected apps missing from market after official 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by krillo, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. krillo

    krillo Member
    Thread Starter


    I just noticed while upgrading from the "pulled" 2.2 to the "official" 2.2 some of my purchased apps are no longer available from the market. Cannot be found at all.

    Someone said that Google has to approve every new ROM to get complete access to the market.

    I was just wondering if it is I who have the glitch or if anyone else has the same problems. I have heard from two other sources (in Sweden) who have the same issues.

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  2. krillo

    krillo Member
    Thread Starter

    Im still having these issues, how about the rest of you?
  3. krillo

    krillo Member
    Thread Starter

    Just as a little test, can someone with the new 2.2 search for the app "dive log" in the market and see if you find it?
  4. Dr Gonzo

    Dr Gonzo Newbie

    I could not find dive log Krillo. I've also lost a paid app which has disappeared on the market. it shows up in the Apprbain Appmarket but will not let me download. Very frustrating. All in all i'm wishing i hadn't bothered upgrading to 2.2 now.
  5. lordgoata

    lordgoata Newbie

    Yep, same here - I think I read somewhere its the Protected Paid apps that don't appear until the firmwares fingerprint is approved/passed/vetted/whatever by Google.

    Hope its not too long, its a pain.
  6. krillo

    krillo Member
    Thread Starter

    Its still worrisome that not more people complain about this. This leads me to believe that either:

    a. Most people have not upgraded yet.
    b. It does not affect all people.
    c. People are patient and won't complain (we all know this one is not true:) )

    Also, when I upgraded to the "unofficial" 2.2. through KIES I could still get those apps, its just after this re-release that they are missing.
  7. krillo

    krillo Member
    Thread Starter

    Seems like Google approved the ROM since I can now find my missing apps again!
    lordgoata likes this.
  8. lordgoata

    lordgoata Newbie

    Excellent news! I read yesterday they could take up to a month! Thank god that wasn't the case :)

    Thanks for the heads up krillo!

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