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Protected apps on the market

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by UKLooney, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. UKLooney

    UKLooney Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    It seems like my daughter's T-Mobile Pulse is not displaying any protected apps in the market. eg. she would like to download an app that I have on my galaxy (Android 1.5), but it doesn't show up when searching the market on the Pulse (it does on the samsung galaxy and in my sons HTC hero)

    For example, if I search the market for 'BrightAI' or 'Keepy Uppy' I get no results on the pulse, but results come up OK on the other two phones.
    While trying to backup/copy the app to my daughters phone, I notice that it is a protected app (so I can't copy it). It looks like ALL protected apps are unavailable to the pulse on the market!!!

    Could some check and confirm? Or is this a known issue?


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  2. brykins

    brykins Android Enthusiast

    Google have to authorise each and every ROM build number for protected apps on the Market. Your network (T-Mobile I assume) needs to inform Google of the ROM build number and get it signed off. I'm not sure if there's much you can do - my son has a Pulse and he also can't see protected apps even after doing the most recent update from the T-Mobile web site. T-Mobile customer support don't recognise it as a problem as they are "not responsible for third party applications".
  3. UKLooney

    UKLooney Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, I've posted a topic on their forums T-Mobile Discussions - Discussions - Help: Lots of Apps not available for the Pulse on the android market!!!

    Also, posted a similar query in the android developers group.

    Apps not appearing in market place on certain phones - Android Developers | Google Groups

    I think I'll be returning the phone if this is not resolved. Pity, 'cause it's a great bit of kit for the money...
  4. brykins

    brykins Android Enthusiast

    Doubt very much you'll be able to return the phone. Saw on the T-M Forum that you've had it three months, so no way to cancel a contract and far as T-M are concerned, there'd no fault with the phone.

    One of the symptoms of Android fragmentation. This simply doesn't happen with iPhone and Google HAVE to get this sort of thing fixed if they are to make any lead in the smartphone business. Problem is, this problem was picked up well over a year ago I think and it's still not being addressed.
  5. UKLooney

    UKLooney Member
    Thread Starter

    Not being able to access market apps sounds like a fault to me, as this is one of the main features advertised. Doesn't sound too difficult a problem for them to fix either, a phone call & email to google would probably get things rolling.
  6. brykins

    brykins Android Enthusiast

    You'd think it would be easy.

    You'd think it would be easy for Google to make a YouTube app that works, considering they develop Android and OWN YouTube.

    I'm going two steps back for every one step forward with Android, I really am.
  7. UKLooney

    UKLooney Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys, wonder if someone can help...

    see the below topic

    Apps not appearing in market place on certain phones - Android Developers | Google Groups

    [FONT=Courier, Monospaced]

    I've been struggling for the last couple of days trying to get the both the standard device drivers, and the adb usb driver for the Pulse working, (lost the original drivers disk that came with the phone :mad:, and can't find them online anywhere).

    Could someone point me to, or post the drivers, or better still, dump the fingerprint from the phone (preferably from a phone with the Dec 2009 updated firmware). With any luck, we might get this problem resolved.

    Thanks Much,


  8. GB-UK

    GB-UK Lurker

    I'm having the same problem and having been told that this problem would clear if you install a custom rom. Was thinking of doing this but not to sure how it will effect the pulse.
  9. UKLooney

    UKLooney Member
    Thread Starter

    Don't think there is a custom ROM available for the pulse.

    I eventually got the fingerprint and contacted T-Mobile Customer support. Got a reply saying that they regret this problem and that they will pass the details onto their tech dept.
    I don't expect to hear from them soon...
  10. GB-UK

    GB-UK Lurker

    They have got some custom roms running here. Going to have a go at putting one on if I can work out how to do it!!
  11. UKLooney

    UKLooney Member
    Thread Starter

    Hmm, interesting

    Yes, they seem to have fixed this bug, pity T-Mobile are not as pro-active. Not sure if I want to go to a vanilla 1.5 ROM though, but the update procedure seems pretty standard.
    Hopefully the bug will now be fixed in the promised android 2.x update.
  12. helikopter

    helikopter Newbie

    there are t-mobile themed custom roms on modaco, too.
  13. GB-UK

    GB-UK Lurker

    I've installed this ROM on my pulse and now have access to the protected apps!
  14. UKLooney

    UKLooney Member
    Thread Starter

    Gonna bite the bullet and upgrade tonight.
  15. Muuurgh

    Muuurgh Member

    I'm running the default android rom from Modaco, and I couldn't go back. Honestly, it's quicker and cleaner (IMO), and what you lose you more then gain in other, small ways, such as sync'ing just the my contacts in gmail instead of all of them!

    It did take a little while to do (1.5 hours) but I considered it time well spent.
  16. GB-UK

    GB-UK Lurker

    How did it go? If your installing the same rom as I did it has the apps2SD app included which works really well!!

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