Jul 8, 2011
Greetings all. I am still rather knew with android devices, and I am curiours if there is a way to secure the phone other than locking it with a pass code. Reason being, and I dont want to sound like I am wearing a tin foil hat, but local PD's have been making it a point to to access phones during a traffic stop. I have been told by several friends that the officers use some type of mobile divice that downloads everything off a mobile phone, even if its looked. I did a quick google search and just found the write up. Now im not doing this to hide anything, but I seriously do not like the thought of having my phone gone thru. Anyone else hear of this kinda thing? Once again, Im sorry if this has come up before, as I said Im rather new to these phones.
If your phone is locked then they would need a warrant to search it.

I would tend to agree. However we all know its not always wise to try to argue with the man that carries the badge and the gun. However, this is happening, and in other states aswell from what I am seeing. All with supposid PC
Sounds like they would be breaking the law. I don't know where you are at so I can't say or sure. Care to share the write up?