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proximity sensor not operating

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by doko, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. doko

    doko Lurker
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    Is there any app, flag or something similar that can be used to bypass the proximity sensor in the HTC Legend? I mean something that makes the screen stay on all the time during a call, neglecting the proximity sensor, as if it is in the speaker mode (but without the speaker on, I don't like people listening my conversations...).

    My problem is the proximity sensor not working. I purchased an unlocked Legend a month ago in the Manchester (UK) airport free shop. I live in Brazil and travel to USA frequently. The phone is under warranty, but for me is too far to send it to Europe for fixing (no maintenance for Legend in Brazil and even in USA, if I knew it I would never buy this thing....). When in a call, the screen and keys go off and there is no way to bring them back... The sensor seems to "think" that the phone is near my head all the time immediatelly after a call is made or received. Only way to bring the screen and keys back is soft reset even after the end of the call... I already tryed all the typical solutions and I don't use any kind of cover over the device, and by comparison with one that works I am sure that there is a problem with the sensor. I just don't want to stay more than a month without the phone and spend nearly the same that I spent in the phone in transportation to send it for fixing, so if there is something just to bypass the sensor it will be much better for me...

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  2. doko

    doko Lurker
    Thread Starter

    There is an app called Screen Suite that solved the problem. The software is free to use for two days an can be found in the Android Marked. This software overwrites the original call settings. The phone worked perfectly in the calls after the instalation.

    The very strange thing is that even after uninstalling this app the proximity sensor is working now... It seems that there is a problem in the original firmware or anything like that, because I tried many times a hard reset in the phone and had no result (i.e. the proximity sensor didn't operate after this hard resets). :thinking:

    Finally, I would like to make public that I tried to obtain assistance from HTC tech assistance, I contacted them in Brazil, USA, UK . All of them told me that there was nothing that I could do, there was no way to test the operation of the proximity sensor by myself except passing the finger over the screen to see if this turned on or off the sensor...:mad::(

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