PS3 games on a Transformer Prime?


I read an article which led me to believe that there is a way to play PlayStation3 games on a Transformer Prime. The article mentioned use of an emulator and a PS3 controller, but didn't provide any further details. My son has really been begging me for a PS3, but I haven't wanted to shell out over $200 for one. I am in the market for a Prime, so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. Problem is, I don't understand the concept of an emulator to play PS3 games on a Prime tablet. Could someone help me out with understanding how this works? Is the emulator software which runs on the Prime? How much does the emulator cost? I assume you have to purchase the PS3 games and load them into the CD drive in the Prime dock. Will it play all PS3 games, or only certain ones?


Emulators are software that run on your tablet/pc and allow you to play games developed for other systems.

Generally, using an emulator requires your tablet/pc to be MUCH more powerful than the console you're emulating as it has to decode instructions on the fly. It has been said in the emulator development community that if your tablet/pc doesn't have 100 times more processing power than the device you're trying to emulate, it's not even worth trying to develop an emulator. The Prime is powerful, but it's nowhere near 100x more powerful than the PS3.

That being said:
There is most definitely no such thing as a PS3 emulator that would work with the Transformer Prime.

Maybe what you saw was a Playstation 1 emulator that was using a Playstation 3 controller? That's certainly possible using apps such as:


I assume you have to purchase the PS3 games and load them into the CD drive in the Prime dock.

If you are in the market to buy an Asus Transformer Prime, i thought i would point this out to you.. The Transformer Prime Keyboard dock doesn't come with an optical drive.

Its just a Dock for Keyboard, USB socket, SD slot, Multi-touch pad & a second battery for extended battery life.

Plus, as said above there doesn't seem to be a PS3 emulator at this time and if there was one out anywhere in the near future, it'd be a while before a Tablet could take advantage of something that requires such power.


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Not going to happen anytime soon, espcially on a tablet.
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PS3 Emulator would be a remarkable piece of code. We all would love to play PS3 Homebrew Games and Demos. PS3 Emulation possibilites are growing every day. As people continue to hack the PS3


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IMO spend the $199 on the PS3 and stop being a cheap @ss. You will toss out $499 for a new tablet without hesitation but don't "want to" shell out the money to get your son a PS3.........


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It is obvious the OP does not appreciate that even PS2 would be to much, yet alone blu-ray storage and the cpu and gpu cores of a PS3.

Still, no reason to be rude.