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Jun 7, 2010
I have a PS3 that I bought years ago. Never really used it as I am not a big gamer and I have no knowledge about Sony and how their store works.

However, my son is now old enough to play video games and loves Minecraft. I was wondering if Sony has any type of discount codes or something similar to Google Play Store where you can earn some discounts or points or whatever program they have.

Right now, he is interested in skins for Minecraft.
Um not sure if they gave any discount codes, sometimes sony puts discount code in the What's New Tab under PSN most of the skins are like 3.99 to 4.99
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Also forgot sony doesnt charge you tax on a game or add ons your buy digitally so say Minecraft was for $19.99 itll be $20.00 exactly nothing more, unfortunatly if you buy a game or add on digitally you can call sony to recall the transaction, but your money wont be refunded, and if your intending to leave your credit card on the account be sure to set a pin to make any purchases requiring money so your son doesnt buy anything without your consent, will prevent issues in the future, and sony always asks you to confirm of any purchase you make before completing the transaction, in case you picked the wrong thing to buy!
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You can get littearly any demo for free, depending on the game gandera, if you do not want to spend like a psn card for him. It does have a cd burner, a blu ray player / dvd player combo pack too. :)

Wow, I forgot about my original post from 2 years ago.

Thanks but he prefers the PC version of Minecraft vs the PS3 version.
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