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PSP news!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by syi, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Mar 5, 2011
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    probably old news, but it needs to get spread around. I think it also needs some development help, I thought to myslef. self; where can i find a bunch of coders, and devs. so here I am!

    Its called prometheus online client. it only works with about 10 games right now and only with CFW 5.05 and up. what it does is force ad-hoc games to tunnel through wifi.

    the whole guide and related information can be found here
    Prometheus • Index page

    digimon world re:digitize was released in japan late july of this year, rumored to get localized due to findings of the translation team.

    a second digimon game is already in the works for the PSP

    FF type-0 said to be localized due to an information leak at square-enix.


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