Psx rom's for android. Need help finding a game.

Hello all, I am brand new to android I am exploring the best possible sites to download free rom's. There is one psx rom in particular that I am having a heck of a time finding, and I am hoping someone here can help.

Does anyone know where I can find the rom for the game DISCWORLD the 1St one. I loved this game on my old ps1 and I really want to get it for my psx emulator on my Atrix 4G.


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the emulators are made to play backup copies of your personal games....

google is your friend...take that as you will...


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Oh I know that Google is a friend, and I have been searching high and low but all the sites I have found have been unreliable. Anyone know have a link they could share that would take me right to a true discworld psx android rom download.


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This is against the rules. You should have read them first. You're gonna be lucky if you don't get in trouble.


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OK, I would just like to go on record saying that, "I purchased the game discworld for the PlayStation a long time ago and I own it, I even bought the strategy guide too" I am not looking to download something from the internet that I didn't already pay for, I wouldn't dream of that.....uggghh....the mere thought of getting copy written proda foructs off the internet for free makes me want to just jump right in the shower and clean myself, so dirty. OK, so I guess iveade my point. Really I guess I was just hoping that posting on an android forum might get me a quick and easy answer to my question. I've checked all.the rom apps in the market and none had discworld either. So if anyone knows a good site for android rom's that could help someone get a rom for a game they already bought and own for psx, that may have discworld in it, plz let me know. Thank u.
ok This as close as i can get and I'm honestly not sure if the site which i'm not going to telyou the name of has the game in question go to google search psx iso's and go to the second link god luck