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pulled the trigger on the ICS leak

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by irony, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. irony

    irony Newbie
    Thread Starter

    1 full day using the leaked ics build. Love it so far, stable not 1 hiccup as of yet.
    4g is pulling 25k down 6k up avg. Moble hotspot didn't stall once today after 5 hours of use.

    Disable crap verizon bloatware works perfect. Multitasking hotkey is pretty damn nice.
    Calls seem clear,beats works with stock music player,battery life seems the same. Which is ok for me.

    Even my apps seem to work fine after I redownloaded them, the leak will wipe your phone.

    Non rooted rezound, had to flash 2x for whatever reason to make it work.

    I'm not saying "omgz flash Jor phones to b leet", but I am saying this build looks very promising

    So far I really like it. If you have any questions ask away, seems not many people have tried this yet.

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  2. dawkplex

    dawkplex Member

    could you post some screens of whats new/different?
  3. jski711

    jski711 Well-Known Member

    i want to but i had a hell of a time figuring it out the first time....
  4. Myco

    Myco Newbie

    Thanks for the post, there isn't a lot of feedback on this. Same thing here, had to flash twice to get it to stick. ICS isn't as big of a jump as I was expecting. Very similar going from Froyo to GB, a lot of little changes. The keyboard is a bit easier to type, settings tweaks, etc. After 12 hours, I haven't seen any bugs yet.
  5. schimm

    schimm Android Enthusiast

    The most noticeable things from my Xoom (and short time with the Gnex) ..... easy to delete apps, swipe to kill apps from notification bar, and Roboto....I really like that font. Things I disliked...some apps don't work well and widgets are shown as a template and the pages go on forever. I've got no great urge to dump GB.
  6. colornshape

    colornshape Android Enthusiast

    Power + Home takes a screen shot with a stock Rezound. Did the ICS update change that?

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  7. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    Noob question...I downloaded the first link on my computer for the stock version, took a while to dl...then renamed it and put it on what I believe was the SD card...tho Idk like when I connected my phone thru my phone it showed tons of folders and I as summed it was the SD card...but idk I also put an extra copy in the folder named EXTSD just on case that's the external SD or not..doh!! I did the volume down power thing and it went to the reboot screen and quickly labeled the file I put in, then went away leaving options like o factory reset, n stuff. No desert for me 8(.. Only got to try it twice with that same link so far before work tho ...hm?
  8. JaRN99

    JaRN99 Android Enthusiast

    Dang....never knew we could do that until I read here. That's freaking awesome!!.....lol.
  9. Myco

    Myco Newbie

    No, that is still there

    It's a bit confusing as the SD card is labeled SD2. Put it there, flash twice and it should work.
  10. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    I dont see any folder under the name SD2. I do see a folder labeled ext_sd where I also placed the ics...feel like such a noob I cant locate the SD card lol. I also took the sd card out and connected it to my computer thru an adapter but for some reason nothing really popped up.
  11. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    OK, I figured out how to access the SD card...but still the image wasnt recognized when I attempted to flash. I havent tried the other links yet, but I'm thinking of holding off, after reading other peoples comments who has been getting shorter battery life and extreme hotness?..along with a few other minor issues.

    Anyone having issues with their phone after installing the leak?
  12. hereitis

    hereitis Newbie

    I flashed it and flashed CleanROM 4.1 with it/on it, however you say it.

    My phone has been unplugged since around 5:30 this morning. So it has been unplugged for over 6 hours. I am still at 82% battery power.

    Before, on the stock version, I was plugged in by now due to being almost dead.

    (I have used the phone moderately today, browsing, texting, twitter, download an app or two.)

    Also, I am no longer experiencing lag. Transitions, browsing, etc. all seem smoother.

    I have not noticed any increases in heat compared with before, even during running graphics intense games.

    Mail synching with my work exchange server seems to have slowed a little bit.

    Overall the phone seems very smooth and more like something I would have hoped for. The benefits have greatly outweighed any issues I came across (which honestly, there are none that are close to being a deal-breaker as of yet.)

    Good luck.
  13. mgdeftones

    mgdeftones Newbie

    I did the update yesterday and it is awesome. Battery life has been incredibly good for me so far and the phone is a lot faster. I would normally sit at ~150MB free RAM while using a task killer. I'm currently sitting at ~250MB and I'm not using any task killer. Took it off the charger at 7 this morning, sent a couple texts, read a couple emails and then streamed music via Bluetooth on my 40+ minute commute and I'm sitting at 92% right now. I'm on the cusp of a 3G/4G area at my work, but I haven't seen it go to 3G yet, only been here about an hour though. I recommend it.
  14. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member

    I installed the Stock Leak Update, it slicked the data as expected. Once I restored all the apps and my info, runs great. Battery life improved, signal strength improved, snappier, getting high quadrant scores about 2600, higher than Samsung devices which I am a fan of. The only crashing app is LauncherPro and today when I woke up, the screen would not come back out of sleep mode without a battery pull. When doing a battery pull reset, the ICS starts a 72 part Android is Upgrading sequence then starts the desktop. I like the feel of ICS and Sense 3.6, but I would rather use LauncherPro.
  15. Myco

    Myco Newbie

    I'm not an expert on this so please do not take my advice before considering the consequences of deviating from factory settings. End disclaimer. Make sure to get a file manager like astro and go to the root of your phone and look for sdcard2. Place the file at the root of sdcard2. That should do it.
  16. ruet

    ruet Lurker

    Thanks for the tip. ...intentional or not. I loaded the leak and, other than very poor battery life, thought it was working well. Then I noticed some weirdness. Most notably quadrant showed only one CPU core was available for use. I scratched my head and thought that was just the nature of the leak. When I read your post a light bulb went off in my and and I rebooted the phone. I got the same "Android is updating" message during boot. ...only with 16 parts. Since then battery life is drastically improved and Quadrant reports 2 core available. Nice find!
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  17. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    Im back, giving it another shot. This time I downloaded the mirror 3 link, which was a larger file for some reason. I put it on the SD card (its labeled extsd, I dont see anything labeled SDcard2). Moved the file to the SD Card root. Renamed it "PH98IMG.zip" (without quotes of course), confirmed the file name was correct (no additional .zip extension). Powered down the phone, restarted to the bootloader...It then tries to recognize the image but says "no image." Then nothing.
    Tried restarting, battery pulls, etc. Still says "no image" when it tries to run the flashing process.
    I've confirmed that fast boot is NOT checked.
  18. bkhorn

    bkhorn Newbie

    I use a program called File Manager and when looking at the root it shows a sdcard and sdcard2.
  19. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    How do you get to "the root"? Sorry for my dumbness. I assumed ex_sd was the SD card being it holds my pics being they arent saved internal. Dont understand how I can locate the dang SDcard2 anywhere!

    Also to note, I used Astro before and its showed the file.zip but when I used File manager, it showed it the files name followed by .zip.zip. Still says No image/ wrong image....so I hope you can direct me on how toget to the SD card lol
  20. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    weird...after it said no image, I went to remove the battery cover and it refreshed and then just me if I wanted to update my pushing up...think it did its thing and now its at the white HTC screen. Hope I dont mess anything up being it might not be on the SD card since I put it in the ext_sd folder.

    now its chillin at the 4gLTE logo...drum rolls...and its still running GB.
    ahhh thought I finally had it =(
  21. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    Even more bad news, it appears my SD card isn't readable now. Both file programs can't read anything saying SD cache error AND now when I connect my phone to my computer thru the USB cord, it only shows a charge now option... Can't connect it to the computer now. What did i doooo??? At least my phone still functions I suppose. Did I eff up my SD card?

    Another weird thing is I got reception with the battery cover OFF...thought I couldn't get service with it off. Help
  22. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    Good news I did the process over again, and I now have ICS B) SD card is now accessible n lifes good again lol...my apologies for blowing this thread up.

    Also surprised that the keyboard isnt the black ICS keyboard thats on the nexus..I was hoping it would be but guess I'll go to the market for that.
  23. bkhorn

    bkhorn Newbie

    So how do you like it so far? I have it all queued up ready to press the UP Volume key.
  24. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    I like it a lot. Looks better, different/smaller fonts and with more of a black theme...more crisp feeling...also flows better. When you open up the recent programs you've been, it now shows the last image instead of the plain symbol...can swipe left or right to get outta stuff, all cool stuff. Also gives you more options of customizing and so on. Another plus is they reformatted the volume adjuster...sure theres other minor improvements though I havent had a chance to mess with it that much. I did notice battery life was inching down faster than normal last night, but I was also re-downloaded apps and playing pandora. Today will be the day to test out how long it lasts on a charge. Though according to GunnerJim "When doing a battery pull reset, the ICS starts a 72 part Android is Upgrading sequence then starts the desktop", so I'm going to try that to sustain battery life after it fully charges. But yeah, even if the battery does suck, its worth the upgrade IMO.
  25. not2gutta

    not2gutta Member

    Also should add that on the BBC news app, it now scrolls choppy..so hope not any other apps are affected. I also used Pulse(another newsfeed) and it scrolls fine, along with it now having options for adjusting the text, color, daytime/nighttime, etc which is sweet. Gmail is also improved!

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