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pulling out stylus pulls up some program I don't want to use

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Luke Drillbrain, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. Luke Drillbrain

    Thread Starter

    I just got this Note 9. Previously, I had an iPhone 6 and before that a Note 4. So I'm just learning this thing. I've installed a chess app, and I wanted to play it with the stylus. So I turn on the chess app and then pull out the stylus, but it automatically pops up some program for the stylus. It has a bunch of choices like "smart select", "screen write", "penup", and others. I'm sure I'll learn what that stuff is at some point, but right now I just want to play the chess game with the stylus. I don't see any way to take this stylus program off the screen. Anyone know?


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    Post #4 by marctronixx, Mar 15, 2020 (4 points)

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  3. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    just tap anywhere on the screen other then the options given and it should take you to the homescreen
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  4. Xavier Black

    Xavier Black Android Expert

    That's the stylus main menu..I've tried to get rid of that and don't think there's a way..if there's I need to know..
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  5. marctronixx


    settings/ advanced features/S Pen/When S Pen is removed --

    from there you have 3 choices: DO nothing, Create Note, Open Air command.

    im using a note 10+ but should be similar on the note 9.

    you probably have "open air command" as the setting. change it do Do nothing. you still get a stylus icon but its not big to cause any issues.

    I recommend reading the user manual since you are coming from an Iphone-- two totally different platforms. you have a learning curve with the note so take some time to read the manual and watch some tips and tricks videos on youtube.
  6. Luke Drillbrain

    Thread Starter

    Took care of it. Thanks, everyone.

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