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Pulse dead...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kwozzii, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Kwozzii

    Kwozzii Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello all - I think my Pulse is dead and it's less than 3 weeks old. :(
    Bear with me while I trundle on......

    Battery totally discharged yesterday so phone was put on charge, went to turn it on today and all I get is a blank screen.

    I press power -> T-Mobile logo -> Android logo ->T-Mobile logo with swirly circle (that's not swirling) -> blank (black) screen with a cursor that flashes every few seconds in top left...:thinking:

    Any way I can reset the phone or is it dead??



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  2. Muuurgh

    Muuurgh Member

  3. Kwozzii

    Kwozzii Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for that Muuurgh - looked at those posts but still no go :mad:

    Gonna take it back to the T-Mobile shop see if they can do anything....

  4. Kwozzii

    Kwozzii Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just to update - took phone back to T-Mobile shop but they couldn't get it going, they even went on t'internet and tried the suggestions in the posts that Muuurgh linked to...

    Long story short - they gave me a new handset, hope this one lasts longer than two weeks...:rolleyes:

  5. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark Lurker

    Well while messing around with Google Latitude I finally had it working for the first time but then my Phone crashed and was Bricked. Stuck at the Android screen when booting.

    Anyhow I followed Timmmm's instructions in post 9 here.


    Just reboot after step 2 to re set up the Phone and they worked a treat.

    So there seems to be a few bugs around but as a Linux user I am starting to like this phone more and more because it can be fixed/modded.

    Paul. :D
  6. miltonpulse

    miltonpulse Newbie

    Do you need the disc?
  7. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark Lurker

    I used Fedora (Linux) so did not. There are Windows instructions on that site.
  8. inge75

    inge75 Lurker


    If you want to do a Hard Reset but can't do it through the menu, please use the update from T-Mobile UK website: T-Mobile - Help & Support

    But use the file from the following piece:
    November 2009: T-Mobile Pulse software

    This software update should be used ONLY when your T-Mobile Pulse has been security locked and you do not have a valid password.
    If you right-click on your mouse here and select the "Save target as.." option - it should take about 2 minutes to download depending on your internet connection speed.
    PLEASE NOTE: Installing this update will remove all existing data on your T-Mobile Pulse.

    Use the link where it says "here" and download it.
    Then in your pc format the SD card. then copy the folder dload to your new formatted SD card. So the folder with the two files will be on there.

    Then when your phone is off, do the following:
    Vol + key & "hang up button" - keep them both together pushed and then turn on the phone. Then the update will start automatically. Once the update is finished it might hang to long in the "phone will restart automatically". If so, take out the battery again and turn the phone on normally. then it all will go as normal.

    Once the update is done, you will have to configure your phone again, which also means you can choose the language again. i have the dutch now.

    Hope this information helps. I have tried all others, only this one helped.

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