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Pulse to get 2.x in April

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brykins, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. brykins

    brykins Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  2. It is not before time! Let us hope T-Mobile don't hamper it.
  3. yrrab

    yrrab Newbie

    will this be OTA update
  4. lutin

    lutin Newbie

  5. yrrab

    yrrab Newbie

    only asking shirty
  6. stfc

    stfc Newbie

    ...and I think he just answered you didn't he?!!
  7. GB-UK

    GB-UK Lurker

    Well they have 2.1 runningb on the pulse!!

  8. Salad

    Salad Newbie

    People on Modaco have been throwing around March as the month of release. This may be the time when Huawei launch their ROM, rather than the official T-Mobile ROM.
  9. ajieboy

    ajieboy Lurker

    huawei indonesia giving free upgrade to OS 2.1 for U8220 and U8230 :) i'm waiting mine delivered, just bought U8230 yesterday
  10. helikopter

    helikopter Newbie

    how do you know that? did you get any official statements?
  11. ajieboy

    ajieboy Lurker

    Yes. I came to Mega Bazaar Computer 2010 (March 7, 2010) at Jakarta Convention Center. I ask the main dealer (PT Sarindo) and Indonesia's Huawei Service Center officer at Indosat's booth. They gave me official flyer that written there : Android OS 2.1. They said the U8230 sold to me was 1.5 but can free upgrade to 2.1 at Huawei Service Center (Roxy Mas mall). Great, isn't it? :)
  12. helikopter

    helikopter Newbie

    did he mension any timeframe for the upgrade?
  13. ajieboy

    ajieboy Lurker

    Now my HH still waiting for delivery, coz in the last day of the bazaar, they don't have any stock available. They said, if I have received my HH, I can go to Huawei Service Center and upgrade it to 2.1 for free. So I think it means they already have the 2.1 ROM :)

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