Help Purging the call log?


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Ok so now its been 6-8 weeks of use with the sgs2 and I am trying to cull the call logs. Has anyone found a more intuitive way to purge the call log than actually having to tick each item in a list? I was expecting to select a menu item that deletes everything older than x months!


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I assume they thought people didn't care what was down the bottom of the list so no inbuilt delete. Never used any third part dialers so can't say if they have the option. But from the top of my head go into manage applications and clear dialer data.


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Looks like I am stuck with that, but the old Treo used to have a single command for delete older than [choose date] and it worked without much fuss. Chalk this one up to a usability improvement that google may make one day?


In order to delete the entire call log or just select numbers, simply click on call log, then click the button to the left of your home key. A menu will come up and have options like delete all or you can select which calls to delete.