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General Push Samsung to release Exynos sources!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scarface1991, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. scarface1991

    scarface1991 New Member
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    Oct 11, 2012
    Hey guys I`m new to this forum but I have been a member inside the famous XDA-Developers site for over 1 year and I follow the development of the popular CyanogenMod daily. As you might know there have been some big problems for great Developers like Codeworkx of the CyanogenMod to bring a stable and a bugfree version of Jelly Bean to Exynos based devices because Samsung doesn`t release the Source Code and proper documentation for Exynos based devices.
    As most of you know our Galaxy SII I9100 is based on a Exynos 4210 processor.

    On XDA developers there is a campaign going on. Goal of the campaign is that Samsung releases the Source code and proper documentation for Exynos based Devices including our SII of course.

    How do we do this?
    The plan is to write a lot of messages to Samsung over the sozial media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

    This thread will inform you people where to contact Samsung, so that we get their attention or as codeworkx said:

    So our goal is to get Samsung`s attention by writing as many concerns as possible of missing source code to Samsung. Of course it`s also important what you write, so it`s not just a big noob campaign asking for the Source Code. Codeworkx made a list of what is needed:

    You can find a done letter that you can copy and paste more down below.

    Here are other Threads regarding this issue:

    Galaxy SII I9100:

    Galaxy SIII :

    Galaxy Note N7000:

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777:

    German Thread regarding this issue:
    Samsung dazu bringen den Exynos Source Code freizugeben! - Android-Hilfe.de

    Facebook group "Polite request to Samsung to release Exynos source code":


    Via Twitter: https://twitter.com/SamsungExynos

    Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SamsungMobile

    Via Google+: https://plus.google.com/+SamsungMobile

    You can write a personal letter regarding the release of the source code to:

    If you don`t have time for writing a big letter, this is a already written one that you can copy and paste:

    Responses from Twitter @SamsungExynos


    There are other signs that this might go somewhere, since this concern is reported now on several popular Android-blogs like Androidcentral and sites like XDA Developers, which will lead to even bigger popularity on this issue.

    They also contacted the CM team:
    Samsung Aware of Exynos Documentation Issue – xda-developers

    Samsung 'hears' Exynos community documentation concerns | Android Central

    Samsung Listens To Developer Concerns Over Missing Exynos Docs | SamMobile

    Samsung acknowledges lack of documentation for Exynos SoC



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