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Put Videos on Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JB4times4, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. ww927bin

    ww927bin Newbie

    i usually convert to h.264 MP4.but pavtube video converter dont support protected vob, u can try dvd ripper.Pavtube DVD Ripper, Rip DVD to AVI, WMV, & MPEG

    I prefer Pavtube one because of its fast conversion speed and its pretty good output video and audio whcih satisfy me,so u dont worry with quality

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  2. zweizing

    zweizing Lurker

    More powerful but unexpensive Mod converter is now available.


    Most of the videos recorded by camcorders are in Mod format, which is not approved by most media players or video editor software. But now with 4Easysoft Mod Converter which is designed for JVC camcorder owners can convert Mod files to fit for diverse applications.

    Key Features
    1.Abundant formats supported and can convert to
    4Easysoft Mod Converter supports Mod, Tod, MPEG, MPG, MPV, MP4,VOB and convert them to MPG, MPEG, MPEG2, VOB, MP4, M4V, RM, RMVB, WMV, ASF, QT, TS, MKV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPV, MOD, TOD, MP3, MP2, AAC, AC3, WAV, MID, MIDI, WMA, M4A, RA, RAM, etc,so the videos shot by yourself on computer or other digital devices, including iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, BlackBerry, Gphone, PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, iRiver, and other MP4 players. Or upload them on YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, Hulu, Metacafe, etc. or your personal site.
    2.Adjust video effect
    4Easysoft Mod Converter allows you to set the video Brightness, Contrast, Saturation. Checking Deinterlacing helps you to convert interlaced video to the progressive video, this function can optimize the video effect.
    3. Powerful Video Editing functions
    a.Split segments randomly or exactly
    Split movies by presetting the exact start and end time, or just dragging the slider bar.
    b.Merge files into one
    4Easysoft Mod Converter doubles your enjoyment with joining several interesting clips into one.
    c.Crop video play region to retain what you want
    Crop frame size to remove your unwanted area using Mod Converter like the smart scissors.
    d.Capture highlights
    Take snapshot to capture the image of highlight while previewing movies. It can be saved in default folder automatically.
    e.Real-time preview
    Preview movies while editing to get the best movie effects.
    4. Easier operation and better quality
    An intuitively designed user interface brings you more convenience and enjoyment. 4Easysoft Mod Converter integrates plenty of professional codec so that all the conversion is in amazing speed with super quality without the installation of third party media players.
    Some related video editing tools:
    PS3 Video Converter
    MKV Converter
    Video Converter
  3. bchris1981

    bchris1981 Newbie

    I use Handbreak and my setting give quite acceptable results (for a tiny screen and consideration for storage space, who needs high def mp4's?). My file sizes are 3MB/min so full length movies are 300MB or less. I usually only watch tv episodes, so again quality is acceptable. My specs:

    Web obtimized
    Width: 480 (keep aspect ratio)
    Anamorphic: None

    Video Filters
    All off

    Codec: H.264
    Framerate: same as source
    Avg Bitrate: 300

    mixdown: stereo
    bitrate: 96
    DRC: 2.5
  4. rlittle66

    rlittle66 Newbie

    I need a brain... can't use hand break to go from my purchased DVD to mp4... says copy write issues?[/QUOTE]

    1. I use DVD Fab and back up my DVD's to my Storage Drive.
    2. Use Handbrake to convert to mp4 and copy to my Droid.

    So I can watch on the go.
  5. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    just wondering -- when you refer to mp4 i see a lot of different options and didnt know if one of the other presets would suit me better or what, the mp4 options i can use are

    iphone H.264
    iphone mpeg 4
    ipod touch h.264
    ipod touch mpeg 4
    mpeg4 video
    h.264/mpeg4 AVC video
    psp h.264

    im not familiar with what h.264 is either but i heard people talking about it so i added those -- which of those would i choose? (im assuming mpeg4 video but i want to be safe?)

    also, www.ImTOO.com has the ImTOO Video Converter, looks nice, here's some options
    Convert video and audio for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, NDS, Wii, BlackBerry phone, iRiver, Creative Zen and other multimedia devices
    Newly support Google Android phones: Nexus One, HTC Hero, HTC G2 Magic, HTC Tattoo, Motorola Droid, Motorola CLIQ, Samsung i7500

    ~thx for ne info~
  6. bchris1981

    bchris1981 Newbie

    Well if you want a no-brainer preset for the Droid, the iPod Touch H.264 will do ya.
    Oh and don't be alarmed if your files are .m4v, that's normal
  7. rlittle66

    rlittle66 Newbie

    I just rename them on the fly to .mp4 before I start the process when I designate the output path it just makes it simpler.
  8. bchris1981

    bchris1981 Newbie

    Well if you call an unnecessary additional step simpiler, then yes I suppose it is.
  9. ww927bin

    ww927bin Newbie

    handbrake Supported Sources:

  10. dodger55fan

    dodger55fan Well-Known Member

    I have a question: Why are we setting the width to 848 rather than 854 (isn't that the resolution of the droid)?
  11. ww927bin

    ww927bin Newbie

  12. hsia12210

    hsia12210 Lurker

    Nice sharing!
    Thanks your sharing! I did it, worked cool, I will recommend it to my GF.:p
  13. mkkyle650

    mkkyle650 Lurker

    I've used Moyea Video Converter, well-known video conversion software. I am sure it is pretty easy to use. With its advanced encoding/decoding technology, this converter supports a plenty of videos. To my surprise, it is said that this software adopted unprecedented audio and video synchronization technology, which can keep excellent output video quality to a great extent.

    All the best:)
  14. mberggreen

    mberggreen Lurker

    There is another software that makes this easy. go to Free Studio Manager - Download and download this .exe file. its AMAZING! you can take any youtube video and convert it into mp3 (called free youtube to mp3 converter) or mp4 files (called free youtube to iphone coverter but works for droid). just drag and drop files into your SD card after files are completed.
  15. symedley

    symedley Lurker

  16. achristiansen

    achristiansen Lurker

    The instructions regarding the first post on HandBrake worked for me and it only took a couple minutes to do.

    What I did was I created a folder called Videos on the E: drive (which is the droid when mounted to the computer). I then set the destination path to the E drive and clicked start on handbrake and within a minute or so it was on there. (It was a short video clip though).

    Thanks a lot for those detailed instructions.
  17. JB4times4

    JB4times4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No problem! as long as one person was helped by it, then I'm happy I set it up.
  18. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    couple quick questions if someone would please inform me i'd appreciate it.
    1.) just wondering, i haven't tried any videos after the 2.1 update on the droid... did anything change in terms of video playback and quality (i.e. FPS, etc) because i heard of all these things about how 2.1 slowed the phone down... im just wondering

    2.) can i still use the above guide that i quoted (and does it work for any length of video)? and do i have to make any adjustments to the program I was using (imTOO video converter) for videos after this 2.1 update?

    basically, did anything change in terms of slowdown/etc with videos on 2.1? or can i just keep doing what i have been doing (when i was on 2.01) w/o making any alterations from the update..

    I appreciate any feedback! Thank You!!
  19. JB4times4

    JB4times4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I haven't noticed any slowdown, even if there was changing how you convert your movies wouldn't help fix that in anyway so keep doing what you've been doing.
  20. Celeras

    Celeras Lurker

    I don't understand the issue I'm having in Handbrake. I have a full 1080p source, 1920x1080 + 16:9(it says the aspect ratio is 1.78, which is 16/9 so its reading it correctly). When I try to encode, I can't set to 848x480, even with the 'keep aspect ratio' box unchecked. It automatically changes the size to 848x352, which is nowhere near 16:9.

  21. JB4times4

    JB4times4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    848x480 isn't 16x9 but then again 848x352 isn't either.
    I'll try a 1080p really quick and update with what happens for me.

    I think 832x468 is the highest 16x9 resolution that will fit on the droid.
    to fit the max height you would have to go with 853.3333333x480
    I didn't have any problem setting it to 848x480 though, so I'm not 100% sure whats wrong there. it would be slightly distorted distorted however because the droids resolution is 53:30 or 1.76666
  22. Celeras

    Celeras Lurker

    Well I'm certainly not trying to distort the video, but to be honest I couldn't even get to noticing that point because it wouldn't let me do the resolution I wanted anyway...

    What should I shrink a 1080p video down to so its at its natural aspect ratio, but still full screen on the Droid?
  23. JB4times4

    JB4times4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    you will not be able to get completely full screen on the droid without either A.cropping, or B.distortion. 832x468 is the highest 16x9 resolution you can do and not get either of those.
  24. Celeras

    Celeras Lurker

    I found the solution.

    First things first, for a 1080p file 848x480 works fine. Selecting "keep aspect ratio" at with the 848 width automatically puts in the 480, so no distortion.

    The problem was the 'cropping' setting to the right of the resolution. On automatic, it wanted to crop 140' off the top/bottom by default... not sure why. Black bars perhaps? Anyway, setting it to custom and putting cropping out 0 gave me the desired resolution.
  25. JB4times4

    JB4times4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Glad you got it figured out, I was doing my math wrong so really the max 16x9 resolution would technically be 848x477 but I don't think you would notice 3 pixels of distortion.

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