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Put Videos on Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JB4times4, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Wakey

    Wakey Well-Known Member

    What the dif between the Handbrake GUI & CLI?

    Which do I need? :D

    I run 64bit Vista.

  2. Phases


    May be too little too late but maybe it'll help someone..

    Plug phone into computer with USB cable. Pull down notification bar and tell it to mount.

    Should open on your comp like a normal USB device.

    Then you can make whatever folders you want in the DCIM folder (I Think?) Wherever you see the camera folder just make whatever you want along side it. I made a music, video, contact list, friends and family.

    Copy paste your videos into the video folder you made (I've only tried .mp4). Unplug.

    Go into you "Gallery" folder in your menu, should see what you created and be able to play whatever from there.
  3. blazingwolf

    blazingwolf Well-Known Member

  4. jeepdroid

    jeepdroid Newbie

    Yep, thats how it works for me.

    Blazingwolf: Its working fine now. Not sure but I believe that my "simple" reseting everything was all I needed for it to work. Great!
  5. blazingwolf

    blazingwolf Well-Known Member

    I put my music folder in the root of the SD card and it worked. I'll give that a shot for the video folder though thanks. :)
  6. blazingwolf

    blazingwolf Well-Known Member

    Great. Glad it is working for you now. :)
  7. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    Quick question: Is the Droid's screen HD? :)
  8. milrtime83

    milrtime83 Android Enthusiast

    Technically, it's lower than an HD resolution, but on a screen that small you don't need an HD resolution to look great.
  9. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    Good point :D

    Is it really crisp though? What can you compare it too if you can?
  10. blazingwolf

    blazingwolf Well-Known Member

    My results from this AM.

    h.264 2457kbps @ 848X480
    AAC @ 128kbps
    MP4 container

    The 2457kbps is set by Handbrake and as reported by Act1. For settings I have just used the iPhone setting and then changed the screen size. Looks and sounds really good on my phone. :D
  11. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    Blazingwolf...interesting. Cause none of my video formatted with the h.264 at 720 x 480 works.
  12. SuperJames16

    SuperJames16 Lurker

    lol you guys had problems with video and I am having problems with audio. I'm trying a bunch of different things but if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them

    I should add that I just discovered the audio doesnt work right out of handbrake.

    ok problem solved, was something wrong with the original file. Thanks alot guys for mentioning handbrake, works like a charm and isnt trial version crap! <3

    One more thing to add: setting the size to 848x480 fits the new Droid screen perfectly
  13. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    I did:

    h.264 1500kbps @ 848X480
    AAC @ 128kbps
    MP4 container
    -Audio, no video in both droid video player, and Act1 Trial

    FFMPEG 1500kbps @ 720x480
    AAC @ 128kbps
    MP4 container
    -Audio and Video in both droid and Act1 Trial

    Seems H.264 isn't working on the droid. All tests in the native droid video player, AND Act1 Trial play audio, no video.
  14. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    Also would like to add, Act1 has a horrible hitch in the video after resuming from the pause state.

    And 848 x 480 makes all the videos looked squished. So...if you're coming from tv, or DVD source, you're better off using 720 x 480.
  15. JRSly

    JRSly Member

    Drop the 848 px dimension and leave the horizontal field blank. Then Handbrake will calculate the proper horizontal dimension for any video you use, based on its aspect ratio. If it's a widescreen movie, it'll be around 848. If it's a TV show, it'll be 720. Now you don't have to think about it and constantly change things based on the source videos, Handbrake takes care of all the calculations. The videos will always be as large as possible for the Droid(480px tall) and in their proper aspect ratio.
  16. quixand

    quixand Well-Known Member

    That's what I'm doing now, after the 848 debacle.

    I still don't understand how people are getting h.264 videos to play on the phone. It is supposed to be native, it says it on the box. But those files will NOT play on my phone.
  17. blazingwolf

    blazingwolf Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you are doing wrong but my settings are working well on converting AVI files to MP4. It is full screen and looks good.
  18. blazingwolf

    blazingwolf Well-Known Member

    When I did that I was not getting full screen video which is what I have been after.
  19. Chunkhead

    Chunkhead Newbie

  20. ronamadeo

    ronamadeo Lurker

    EVERY video handbrake touches comes out with skipping audio on the droid and my computer (Win 7 x64). I've tried several files with AAC, MP3, AC3, and Vorbis and all have skipping audio. The video is nice though.
  21. Sensisnow

    Sensisnow Newbie

    Alright, I finally got the videos converting correctly for the Droid. Sometimes the audio is a bit off though. At first I thought it was due to the conversion process, but when I tried playing the same video a few minutes later, everything was synced up fine.

    Does anyone know how to get titles to show up on the videos as well? Right now my "movies" folder is showing all the thumbnails, but I have no way of knowing which video it is since they're all pretty similar. I've gone through all the settings in the gallery app, but I haven't seen anything applying to titles at all.
  22. D.V.G.M.

    D.V.G.M. Lurker

    (Dummied down for noobs like myself)

    Step #1

    Mac- If you're on Snow Leopard you can use Quicktime X with (iphone) setting for free, but you won't be able to customize setting to get max res for droid screen. Other programs are available to download, free or paid, that will give you more customization options. I use Quicktime 7 Pro, see screenshot.

    Windows- They're converter's all over this forum.

    Step #2

    Encode your favorite video using the following settings...



    *Note: I found that occasionally it lagged a fews frames and then went back to normal. It could be the bitrate is too high...

    Step #3
    Copy the file to your SD card. I don't believe it matters where, the OS will scan to card when you disconnect.

    Step #4

    Go to Android Market and download Video Player by Jeff Hamilton, it's really a front end for the built in media player.

    Step #5

    Open Video Player and select your movie, sit back and enjoy!
  23. SharonW

    SharonW Member

    This may be a really stupid and useless observation, but could it be that the tools you use on your computer are not yet compatible with Windows 7 or conversely that the apps in Marketplace are not yet Android 2.0 ready?

    Also, are any of you aware of Moto's free software for desktop syncing? People with Windows 7 64 have reported that it won't work, but if you don't have that OS, you could try it. It does say it has an optimization feature for video playback:

    Motorola Media Link - Motorola USA
  24. JRSly

    JRSly Member

    I'm not sure I understand. If it's a standard definition TV show in 4:3 aspect ratio, you shouldn't want a full screen on the widescreen format Droid, because that means it will stretch and distort your picture.

    Or are you saying it doesn't even fill the screen height wise with 480 pixels? I have no Droid yet, so I've not been able to test videos on the device.
  25. je2345

    je2345 Newbie

    There is a pretty good app called Meridian that is free and I got videos converted and playing awesomely!!! I used a program called Total video Converter and converted music videos to mpeg4 H.264 with custom screen size set at 854*480 with aspect ratio set to 16:9. Videos look flawless and work well with the app mentioned above. Also as stated in an earlier post all you do is just connect the phone to your pc and bring your notification tab down,select USB connected and select MOUNT and then just create a folder labeled Videos (same for Music) and your all set!!
    Hopefully this works for you all!

    Also as i just read above I'am using Windows 7 x64 bit. Everything works flawlessly with no lag during video playback!

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