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Put Videos on Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JB4times4, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

    Great tips and explanations of issues in this thread. I am getting my Droid on Thursday, and will be attempting this myself using suggestions in this thread...I'll post back what works for me...Thanks to all who have been posting!

  2. phildo2004

    phildo2004 Lurker

    Ok so I made a folder called videos and dumped all my videos off my old phone whic:)h is an env touch and they show up on my droid just NO SOUND. Can anyone help me please maybe PM me and let me know that would be much appreciated ill be in class all day for marketing but if someone would pm my answer to me it would be VERY NICE OF YOU :D:)
  3. personalt

    personalt Newbie

    I record my shows with sagetv. I have been running this command below and the files that come out look real good. Most of what I have tried it on was already wide screen H264 files so I may need to revisit some of the details when I find some 4:3 shows but this command line should work for guy having sound issues. I also had the sound problem for a while. At first I was just converting to acc and getting no sound. I think my files were originally recorded in acc but 5.1 channel. It appears that was causing the droid to barf as I was getting no sound when using 5.1 but when I went to -ac 2 (2 channel) I started to get sound.

    -t 60 is just to create 60 seconds for testing purposes. You can google ffmpeg binary to find the exe version and to get a list off all the command line switches

    This may not be the best answer but this is a working answer for me.
    C:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -y -i v:\shows\med.ts -t 60 -f mp4 -s
    848x480 -acodec libfaac -ab 128k -ac 2 -vcodec libx264 -qscale 10
  4. ginigma

    ginigma Member

    Did you read ANY of the postings in this thread? There are plenty of people who have suggest different programs for converting video to formats supported by the Droid. Sheesh! I don't mind helping people, so here's the help: Look up at previous posts and you will have your answer.

    And I don't PM answers to people. If one person asks a question, that means that more people have the same question. Answering in the thread helps the whole group. If you're too lazy to read the thread, well.....
  5. MrCKP

    MrCKP Lurker

    Motorola has new sync software called Motorola Media Link that does it all!!! sync with itunes, windows media player, convert videos to DROID resolution and all!!! Got to Motorolas site and check it out
  6. personalt

    personalt Newbie

    Has anyone tried Media link under in windows7? I tried it and it was barfing on me. not sure if a general windows 7 issue or something specific to me.
  7. cheesehead007

    cheesehead007 Newbie

    I changed the properties of the installer to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP sp2, and it's working fine for me (on Win7 pro 32-bit):

    - Right-click on NeroMML-
    - Choose properties
    - Click the compatibility tab
    - Check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" box
    - Choose "Windows XP (service pack 2)"
    - Click OK
    - Re-run the installer

    Good luck!
  8. khanet

    khanet Newbie

    Settings from fabulous worked for most of the movies I converted. Although, a few needed lowerbitrate then they worked. Good posting everyone, u really helped me out on this one.
  9. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member

    Just tried this and Windows XP isn't even an option in that list!
  10. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Worked perfectly for me...thanks for the settings. Only change I made was my input file was 720x480, so I set my outputs to those same numbers.

    Looks fantastic on the Droid, no stuttering or sync issues at all.

    I've also found that any movie I made for my BB Pearl or my kids' ENV2 phones will also play...the ones from the Pearl are getting up-sized a bit so don't look as sharp, but definitely watchable for killing a little time.
  11. famac!

    famac! Well-Known Member

    I used this setting in Handbrake but the video came out a little elongated. Objects appear slightly squashed together and longer/taller. I could not find a way to change the aspect ratio before starting. It seems to have been automatically set by Handbrake. Any way around this? Also, the end product was slightly bigger in size than the original file. I find this a little strange. For such a small screen i would have expected the file to be at least 2/3 smaller.
  12. khanet

    khanet Newbie

    yeah i know, i thought it was strange too. i had 700mb movie ended up being like 1gb so i guess upconverting?
  13. knock

    knock Newbie

    Here's something that I have not seen here yet. I have a video camera that uses SD cards, but also has a mini USB port. I was wondering what COULD be possible by connecting the two devices. I guess I would need a cable that had micro USB on one side and min USB on the other. Then I'd have to hope that the OS could recognize an external drive via USB.
    The video camera records in mp4 format so the videos should play, but I'd like to eliminate steps in getting the video from the camera into the droid.
    Constantly removing the SD card from the phone is out.
    I could load the camera's SD into my PC and access it via wifi, but none of the network programs I have found can stream video over a wireless lan, so I'd have to copy it first, the watch it.
    Best scenario would be if the phone would access the camera's SD card as a removable drive when the phone and camera are connected via USB.

    Anyone know if the micro to mini USB cable exists?
  14. kmfdmk

    kmfdmk Member

    Initially tried Handbrake, with the width left blank, the height set to 480. using the h.264 container,. Ended up with No Video but had Audio.

    Retrying with the FFMpeg MP4 codec.

    So far for me.
    ___x480 h.264 1500kbps 160kbps AAC = No Video + Had Audio
    Took like 20 minutes for 3.30 min video

    ___x480 FFMPEG MP4 @ 1303kbps 128kbps AAC = Distored Video + Had Audio (looked like a TV w/ bad Horizontal Hold/sideways streaking)
    Took like 3 minutes for 3.30 min video
    Checked the proper settings from the existing music video with GSpot (which you should google and download) NOT ladies pleasure spot, GSpot Codec Information Appliance or something called like that.


    Just figured it out.

    854x___ H.264 @ 1303kbps 128kbps AAC with 2 pass encoding = No Video + Had Audio

    Just retried
    854x434 (which is only to match this video) FFMPEG @ 1303kbps 128kbps AAC ... = Video still distorted only not as bad, did have audio still... Not sure what else to try...

    Going to perhaps retry 854x434 w/ H.264.

    PS. Only went with FFMPEG because it's so much faster.

    Does anyone know what the settings for the anamorphic should be? None or Loose?

    My source video is 712x362, if I try to scale the height to 480, that makes the width a whopping 937, WHICH would make the video wrap to the next line, before the Droid started to render the next line of actual video. That would make it have all the horizontal artifacts/distortion.

    Lesson here, check your dimensions and make sure you're not exceeding the screen dimensions.
  15. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    I don't understand the lack of some basic features on this platform. There should either be a synch app or better native support.

    I love my Droid but I'm also a nerd. Until you can hand this phone to my mother and have her able to play a video THAT'S ALREADY ON THE PHONE don't expect her to figure out how to copy a movie to it. And my mom has Facebook and Twitter!

    In some ways this is like an over-engineered German car. It's got a great engine but poor cupholders.

    The nerd market is obviously very strong with the sales estimates, but corporate will be shy due to stuff like poor Exchange support and the basic consumer won't buy it or will return it in frustration.

    I'm betting this phone will have a high return rate which is too bad.

    Google needs to add some cup holders to make it easier for the average Joe.
  16. Fronc

    Fronc Newbie

    Dear god. Please LORD. DO NOT PAY THAT COMPANY MONEY. I have had SO MANY PROBLEMS with their developers, and their support is AWFUL. Their product did not work for $#!+ and I would wind up with duplicate appointments, and one time, it wiped all my contacts clean. I would hate to see anyone get caught up in the hassle I went through, and they NEVER GAVE ME MY MONEY BACK. I used their sync software for almost 3 years, and had problems all the time. It hijacks your usb "listening" and prevents certain functions of the phone from working, and prevents certain usb functions from operating, among my other problems.

    Their support is really, truly, god-awful. They don't maintain their software, and their updates are completely derisory, if at all. Sorry for hijacking this thread for a sec, but I wouldn't want to see anyone head down that road without a warning.
  17. Attackcenter

    Attackcenter Newbie

    In case you guys to don't know XVID4PSP is a excellent program for encoding found here:


    The Palm Pre has the same processor as the Droid and Iphone. They all seemed to handle possibly the same codecs. The Palm Pre accepted the x264 mpeg4. This codec is a good codec and I would guess that the Droid would accept it also. You can use the Iphone Settings for the video, change the resolution, and leave everything on default for me good). You could also use the standard mpeg4 codec.

  18. austink

    austink Newbie

    Why are there no services that sell downloadable video for use on non-apple products? How many years has Apple been offering ability to buy TV shows and movies? No company wants to get in on that for non-Apple users? Instead we have to download through iTunes then run an decoding program to convert it?

    Seems like some company like Amazon should offer downloadable videos and movies. If it is an issue with needing to prevent people from transferring them (we see how that really doesn't work with iTunes), then why not offer the movies for purchase through Amazon for use with an Amazon App that they could develop for Android and Blackberry to use to watch them.

    Am I missing something? I hate having to decode video... it shouldn't be this hard!
  19. e39e60

    e39e60 Well-Known Member

    No DRM for Android at all is my understanding. I hope that's not Google mantra.
  20. jdaly

    jdaly Lurker

    ok, so after reading all 3 pages, whew... working great, here's my contribution:

    Here's all I do with Handbrake (and thanks to those who recommended Handbrake). I specify the source, set the destination, and select iPod. Can it be more simpler? Looks, sounds, and works great using the built-in player on the Droid.

  21. JB4times4

    JB4times4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just updated the first post with information on how to do it using handbrake. If there is anything wrong with it let me know.
  22. famac!

    famac! Well-Known Member

    These settings are no good. It produces horizontal bars at the top and bottom.
  23. jdaly

    jdaly Lurker

    Mine displays in full screen, no bars here. Same quality and display as the link someone above posted to download a sample mp4.
  24. blazingwolf

    blazingwolf Well-Known Member

    The settings used will change based on the format of the video you are trying to convert. There is no one size fits all setting for these things.
  25. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    I think it depends on the media. If it's cinematic, Handbrake will preserve that aspect ratio. The Droid's display is 16:9, but lots of movies are 21:9, hence the bars on top and bottom.

    By the way, your settings have a 320x176 output resolution. My sample video is 848x480. In other words, there is no comparison in quality.

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    This sample uses almost the full resolution of the Droid. It's definitely overkill for some video sources, but it's really nice if you have an HD source.

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