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putting adsense into an app

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by hellz, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. hellz

    hellz Lurker
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    I'm putting together a small app. On the main page I'd like to place an adsense ad. I already have an adsense account (I use it on my blog).

    Does anyone know of any tutorials or where I should start to look to place an ad? Maybe some code examples.

    I see nothing on the adsense site (which I find odd). It seems like there should almost be a widget already where you just put in your adsense id....instead the only way I can think to get one in there is to use a WebView, but that doesnt seem like the right way to do it. And how does adsense choose the content to show ads on? I'd like a specific niche, not just random bs shown.


  2. polyclef

    polyclef Newbie

    AdSense provides ad programs for developers in a number of different categories. The category for ads embedded in an Android app is AdSense for Mobile Applications, and it is currently in beta. You can apply for the beta here:

    Google AdSense for Mobile Applications

    Though they have a requirement of 100K pageviews/day. So if you have an app that's doing that well or can convince them you will produce one at or near that standard, you should apply.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to embed ads in an app using another AdSense model, such as AdSense for Mobile Content. You can do this by embedding the ad in WebView, but I know of a developer whose AdSense account was suspended because of this practice. Basically, Google wants to know exactly where and how their ads are being served, and if you violate those guidelines, they aren't very happy about it.

    Hope this info helps.

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