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Putting music on Desire C

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by filip989, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. filip989

    filip989 Newbie
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    I'm not sure if I made a mistake somewhere, or there's a problem in the phone, but here it is.
    I put a few songs on my SD card, I connected my phone to my laptop and I opened the SD carp on My Computer. Put the folder with my songs in music folder on my SD card and I couldn't find any of the songs. Then I removed the folder and just put the songs in music folder of SD directly. Now I can find them, but they're scattered all around, and I don't even know how to see all of the songs I have on my phone in the same place. I find some via artist, or albums menu, and some on search. The other problem is that among all those songs there are some from different apps. Like the soundtrack of Doomdroid game and... well, it's just there. So did I do anything wrong and can someone help me do this right?
    I want to put only 30-50 songs on it and be able to have them all in one folder so I can play only them - all of them - and nothing else.

    Also, can I somehow turn music player off completely, or will the last played song always be ready to go in the exact place I paused it in? In other words - is there a stop button, or is there only the pause button?

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  2. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Newbie

    yes, normally, HTC's music player will capture any music at all on the music app. if you want to find all your songs, go to Music app>my phone, if you want to find those specific songs you've placed on your SD card. or better yet, to have everything organized, from photos to videos to music, you should use HTC Sync Manager. works like itunes library you can create playlists there after placing your songs and videos, create photo albums to organize your photos..so it would be easy to find what you need to find. :) hope this helps.

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