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Puzzle Quest or similar type of game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by PCTechNerd, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. PCTechNerd

    PCTechNerd Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Am I the only one who's astounded and upset that our lovely OS hasn't received a single puzzle quest game, or even the same type of game? This seems like it would be the perfect casual fit, and also help the cravings of us RPG lovers.

    I've scoured the interwebs looking for answers on even notification of a port, but my search has amassed no answers.

    Anyone else want to chime in on this?

  2. flammenwurfer

    flammenwurfer Well-Known Member

    I don't have any info to add, but I am also hoping to get a Puzzle Quest port or similar game on android. The new space themed one would be nice! What's it called? Puzzle Quest: Galactrix or something?
  3. polyclef

    polyclef Newbie

    Today we released a free, ad-supported RPG/puzzle hybrid called Puzzle Lords. It's adapted from our ADC2 entry, Relativia, which was a mobile version in which you had to travel to real-world locations to unlock content. We released it a while back and the overwhelming response was that people didn't want to have to physically go anywhere to play the game.

    So we revamped it to be a purely local game. The combat system is somewhat like Connect 4. You and your opponent take turns dropping tokens into columns on a grid. There are nine types of tokens (4 mana, 4 gem, and 1 skull). Lining up 3 or more mana tokens gives you mana to cast spells. Gems give you money, and skulls do direct damage. I personally liked Puzzle Quest, but thought the choice of a match-3 game for turn-based combat was a little awkward (the game was wildly popular, though, so what do I know?). Anyway, we went with what we thought was a more naturally turn-based puzzle game at the heart of combat.

    The game is very short (only three dungeons, five quests, and one boss), but it's free! It is supported with ads, though. If there is enough demand, we will add more content and a larger world map.

    Hopefully it will somewhat satisfy your craving for a Puzzle Quest-like game. If you have comments or suggestions, email us at polyclefsoftware@gmail.com.
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  4. Hellwÿck

    Hellwÿck Member

    If you're on about graphic adventures then Lucasarts and Sierra did them the best in the 80's and 90's.

    Home (scummvm-android)

    ^^^ use that
  5. dnubpa

    dnubpa Lurker

    For me Puzzle Quest still is the best game I ever played. And I musr say that I already got 33 yesrs playing (since the first Spectrum).
  6. riverboat2001

    riverboat2001 Well-Known Member

    +1 for me
    Seriously need a good Puzzle Quest game
  7. jstengren

    jstengren Newbie

    Funny, I was just thinking the same thing this morning. I have PQ 1 and 2 for the Xbox and love 'em to death! It sounds like PQ2 is hitting the iPhone and iPad here soon, and a rep on the game developer's forums said the Android version is in the works, to be released soon-after. Will PQ2 run well on Android? I guess we'll have to see. It has pretty snazzy graphics compared to PQ1. Seems to me the first would make a better port, but hey, if they can do it... I'll buy it!
  8. Wutabumr

    Wutabumr Lurker

    "Puzzle Quest 2 will hit Windows Phone 7 before the year is out, says Namco, and an Android version will release in early 2011"....

    I had the original PQ as a game on my LG Voyager, dunno why they're making us wait so long.
  9. S3nd41

    S3nd41 Newbie

    Early 2011 as in February/March?
  10. skipjimroo

    skipjimroo Newbie

    Nice to see they delivered on that promise isn't it? Here we are in the near-distant of 2011with our jetpacks, capsule foods and Puzzle Quest on our Android phones!

    Seriously though, what the hell Namco? Sort it out!
  11. Rural

    Rural Member

    Namco is not doing this the professional way.
    They also promised Bird Zapper.
  12. TygerX7

    TygerX7 Lurker

    I have dished out so much money to them, i want it now!. hell i bought it por PSP, then again for XBOX, then again for my old phone Samsung Impress, THEN again for Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Torch, now that i have this new Samsung Gem, i want it, yes, im addicted to this game, but i just love the simplicity, and the pick up and play style, but I liked the GAlactrix better than the PQ2, so i Hope its PQ or Galaxtrix
  13. Rural

    Rural Member

    Thing is, Namco promised an "early 2011 release" of Puzzle Quest 2 for Android. But since then, nada.
    I wrote them and asked and got this poor copy-paste reply, saying "Thanks for your interest in our products. We aim to hit as many platforms as possible so keep an eye out. Meanwhile, play our other games." or something similar.
    I'm thinking of starting a name list of people who would gladly cough up a good 10 bucks for PQ2.
  14. We're hopeful that you guys will enjoy our latest game Lair Quest. Feedback has been positive and we're eager to offer updates based upon customer feedback. I've included some screenshots and a video in this post to give you an idea of what the gameplay is like. I'm eager to hear your comments and suggestions.




    ‪Lair Quest for Android‬‏ - YouTube
  15. Novasboy

    Novasboy Lurker

    Try PuzzleWars for Android. It's in the App Market. It's similar to PQ and the best facsimile I have found. Hope that helps.
  16. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Newbie

    I am also looking a type of games like this since Puzzle and Dragons in Android is JAP version only. I saw the game on IOS and it is Eng version why Eng version is not available on Android!!!???
  17. ipersian

    ipersian Member

    i have played the puzzle quest in psp, but i have seen that one of my friends plays puzzle quest 2 at his galaxy s2, so there is exactly a game named puzzle quest 2 for Android just google it.
  18. ANdroidno17

    ANdroidno17 Newbie

    Puzzle quest is good adventure game you can enjoy the gameplay of bejeweled while completing a quest or battling with your opponent. Then Puzzle and Dragons that reminds me of Pokemon. A puzzle action game play, this game is tons to collect monster also you can evolve them. It reminds me of Pokemon that's why I am waiting for the localize Android version for this game. Both are good games up to now I am playing Puzzle quest on my PSP while waiting.

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