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[Q]Cache clear in recovery mode won't work?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TehDewster, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. TehDewster

    TehDewster Newbie
    Thread Starter

    When I to wipe my cache in recovery mode (in the Samsung Galaxy-Q (same as the Samsung Gravity Smart))
    And it took like half a second, so I figure that there that there's something wrong with it.
    There's a link below that goes to XDA-Developers forum which has a picture.
    If you couldn't read the text, (I was using like a 2 megapixel camera), here's what the important part is:

    -- Appling Multi-CSC --

    -- Wiping cache...
    Formatting CACHE:...
    unmount(/cache) attempt 1 (Unknown error: 0) rc=0
    Cache wipe complete

    Is it because my phone is rooted? No, because I've tried unrooting my phone and trying. It didn't work.
    But I think it's because my micro SD card is in it. If that's the problem, will after clearing cache delete my shortcuts?

    Thanks for reading,

    XDA-Developers link for picture:

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  2. DrHeadband

    DrHeadband Lurker

    Did you ever get this cache issue resolved?

    I have seen the same thing when I was trying to flash a stock rom on the Gravity Smart T589.
    I'm beginning to think it’s the recovery image but have not found one on the web for this phone and CWM says it’s not a supported phone so I haven’t dared try since I wouldn’t have a image to go back to.

    An update would be nice from someone??

  3. TehDewster

    TehDewster Newbie
    Thread Starter

  4. DrHeadband

    DrHeadband Lurker

    Ok, I was a bit tired the other day so some of this info may not be accurate but this is what I remember.

    I used the stock rom and the de bloated stock rom by way of the default recovery image.
    Used the de bloated rom first, and then my daughter informed me that she was missing about 4 apps and so I flashed the stock rom. All this time her settings, wallpaper, etc. was still in the phone but I didn
  5. poma_2

    poma_2 Lurker


    But it still did not work:

    tar -H ustar -c recovery.img > CWM-Recovery.tar
    md5sum -t CWM-Recovery.tar >> CWM-Recovery.tar
    mv CWM-Recovery.tar CWM-Recovery.tar.md5

    is there a way to fix?

    Please help

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