[Q] Curious: Did that FOTAU (1.4.1) Actually Benefit Anything?...


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Just wondering, we all know what it did negatively, but can anyone confirm anything as to what it may have been good for? I only ask so I can decide how soon I want to undo it.

Do it now, and run the risk of losing any inferred benefits in the light of a dev coming up with a work around, thereby keeping the update in tact.

Do it later, and deal with what few side loaded apps I was able to snag before Christmas.


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From reading over at B&N, it was supposed to resolve some issues some users were having, but nothing really specific is mentioned. Sounds to me like it was a belated attempt to seal up the sideloading option without actually saying so.

My feeling is that if I haven't noticed these "bugs", I'm not giving up functionality to get rid of 'em! I'm blocking OTA updates for now.


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Fundamentally I suppose that at the end of the day, it's a book reader that can run apps. Therefore, so long as I can still buy and read ebooks with it, the apps well take care of themselves through their market updates.

I'm just concerned that I'll miss an important update that'll fix the keyboard, or that annoying SD notification, or perhaps enabling pressing the "N" button to return home...

I'll hold out another few weeks to see if there's anymore development strides out of XDA before I attempt a reroot. There's been a lot lately over there.