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[Q] Moto X Vs GS2 Epic 4G touch

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by kodiak211, Jul 28, 2013.

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    I'm about ready to upgrade to a new phone... I'm using a GS2 Epic 4G touch... Was thinking about getting the Moto X... Everything seems to be a upgrade, but one thing... I'll be going from a 480p display to a 720p display, having no NFC to having NFC, 1800 mAh battery to a 2200 mAh battery so I hear, I'm running JB 4.1.2, I believe the Moto X will get a Nexus like treatment... 8MP to a 10MP I understand that doesn't really mean much with cameras... 1GB of RAM to 3GB's of RAM... The only thing that doesn't seem like a upgrade is the CPU... The GS2 Epic is using a dual core Exynos 1.2 GHz Vs a dual core S4 pro, thats all I know about the chip in the Moto X... I don't know much about CPU's, I do understand that just because their both dual core, doesn't mean their equals... Someone had said the dual core they're going to be using in the Moto X is better than the dual core they used in the GS3... So do you think this dual core S4 pro in the Moto X is a upgrade from the GS2, or even a GS3? My GS2 as it is now, runs good with a dual core, but it does sometimes stutters and gets hot... I really do care more about software than hardware... But I do want something that's going to run nice... Any help will be appreciated!!! Also, look me up in the Google Play store "kodiak 211" If you download anything, please help me out by rating the app in Google Play...


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