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Support [Q] Wet phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VeldMuijz, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. VeldMuijz

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    Jan 7, 2012

    Jan 7, 2012
    Hi there,
    I have a samsung galaxy s i9000phone wich is dropped in the pond and taken out immediately.
    The phone had dried for several weeks wit backplate of and the battery out.
    I got this phone yesterday and wanted to repair it.
    So I pulled it apart and heated it to about 45 degrees centigrate (113 fahrenheit).
    I cleaned some corrosion of it with an cubestick and a mild cleaning solvent and let it dry for some hours.
    Then I reassembled the phone and loaded the battery wit the wall charger.

    So yesterday late in the evening I tried to turn it on, it didn't work. So I tried the 2 volume buttons and the On button to get it in to download mode. Nothing happend. So I let it rest for the rest of the night.
    Then this morning it tried the other combo Volumedown+home+On buttons. It went in to download mode! so I was very optimistic.

    After a while trying to find the right drivers (win7 x64) (Kies installed wouldn't read the phone). I found a bunch and tried even more it didn't work. Sometimes it would see the device as an unknown usb device but couldnt install the driveres for it.

    So I tried connecting it to Odin, that didn't work. So i tried Heimdall. This didn't recognise it neither. Heimdall didn't see the driver neither. It only showed Bluetooth and Digital camera. It showed both with the phone connected to the laptop and unconnected.

    The phone gets in to download mode or In an black screen with some sort of circular symbol which doesnt rotat or do nothing. I can't boot the phone into a normal mode.

    I've googled my ass off and found numerous pages with kies not connecting and driver woes and bricking the phone. But nothing helped me.

    Screen works fine btw. Battery gets charged. But doesnt show this on the screen.

    Is all hope lost?

    Edit:I just found this page http:// forum.xda-developers .com/show...1203802&page=2

    And near the bottom of the second page someone suggested to clean the usb port of the phone with an toothbrush. I am in the office so i picked a staple and gently cleaned the usb port.

    So ok fine. Plug it back in to the pc in dl mode, OMG! Odin sees it because win7 began installing the drivers (couldn't before). The drivers installed are Samsung USB Composite device and Samsung Mobile Modem #2.

    Now when i put it in download mode kies sees it. Nice. But doesnt seem to connect
    But what next, do i just flash the thing with original firmware and try to boot?
    Do I dry it some more?
    see picture here:http:// forum.xda-developers .com/ showthread.php?p=21128076#post21128076


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