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QR Code generator

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Trel, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Trel

    Trel Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Is there any app that lets you generate QR Codes and save them that works on the droid?
    (I don't just want to do contacts, I would like to do urls and text strings too)

    (not the drhu one, it doesn't seem to work)

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  2. mkhopper

    mkhopper Well-Known Member

  3. Trel

    Trel Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    sadly it doesn't appear to do plain text unless it's in an app I can share it from.
    (which is not just entering plain text)
  4. Trel

    Trel Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  5. 150_cav

    150_cav Android Enthusiast

    any more news on a qr code generator?
  6. kenypowa

    kenypowa Lurker

  7. 150_cav

    150_cav Android Enthusiast

    but im not looking to share just apps, i was hoping i could also input my own text/ web links. there is free generators on the web but i was hoping for an app
  8. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Android Enthusiast

    I just use Barcode Scanner to generate QR codes. You can generate QR codes from URLs, apps, whatever text is in your clipboard, and contacts. The only hiccup is that it doesn't give you an option to just save the QR code to your device, but you can send it to Snaptic, Picasa, email it to yourself, etc. As well, the 3Banana app creates QR codes of your notes.

    And FYI, the above mentioned easyshare app allows you to share anything to a QR code, not just apps.
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  9. 150_cav

    150_cav Android Enthusiast

    wow, i feel like an idiot for never thinking to press menu.

    thank you so much that is probably as close as i'll ever get
  10. samdale36

    samdale36 Member

    Dont know whether it is exactly what you are after, but I have used www.qrstuff.com to create QR codes.

    It lets you do text, URLs, telephone numbers, contact details, google map locations, etc.

    You can then email/copy the image that is created and save it to your phone.
  11. 150_cav

    150_cav Android Enthusiast

    ya there is a lot of good web sites but personally I was just hoping for "an app for that"

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  12. ricnar456

    ricnar456 Member

    How do you read a qr code if it's sended to your phone by mail by example? you have the attachment in gmail and is a qr code, but barcode scanner don't decrypt from stored files.

    There is a program for decoding qr codes from files? i have a friend who send me files with qr codes, and i have to send to my PC, put the image on the screen and point with the camera with barcode scanner to decode, maybe a program can decode directly from files.

  13. 150_cav

    150_cav Android Enthusiast

    that's a good question..... cuz I do the same thing

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  14. paulinep

    paulinep Lurker

    Quickmark QR Code app is great, reads and allows you to create text QR codes "and" save them as well. Just click on "Share" and you will see option to create QR from text and go from there. Love this appl
  15. Steelwool199

    Steelwool199 Newbie

    This one works for me. Able to create text and other stuff :p
    Hope it helps

    PS it's free
  16. jcevallos

    jcevallos Lurker


    I know I'm late but this is how you can solve this:

    - Download "QR Droid" from the market
    - Open email with QR image attached and download it
    - Open downloaded image from notification bar
    - Select Menu > Share > Decode with QR Droid

    Let me know if that helped you
  17. Quiry.me

    Quiry.me Lurker

    We just launched http://quiry.me to do exactly that : ) woud love some feedback, thanks!

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  18. iwalker147

    iwalker147 Lurker

    Just tested it, works very well, have used it on my twitter profile :)
  19. vbgadde

    vbgadde Lurker


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