Root quadrant standerd app?? results hmmm...


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I ran the app here are my test results. with the CPU not clocked I ran 1458 and the second test I ran 1467. then I OC it to 1200mhz vsel60 and ran 4 tests 1633,1564,1554,1650 I am wondering if this app is reliable or even close to being right, I also run liberty 1.5

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Quadrant and even Linpack will give you different results from run-to-run, and will have variation among phones. You'll also get a slightly faster score if you run either of them right after a fresh reboot (but not too soon after, since there's still stuff starting-up for a few minutes after the boot).

Quadrant measures lots of different aspects of your phones hardware and software performance. And since the app itself is not running in isolation on your phone when you run it (i.e., lots of other things are running too), you are going to get some variation from run to run.

Lots of threads out there with Quadrant scores (many manipulated by tweaks to the build.prop file too :eek:)... Your mileage will vary...