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Jun 5, 2010
Hi guys I recently took the plunge and got a "1800mah" + battery charger battery from Ebay. I was prepared for the worst in case, ie getting a cheap Chinese re-branded 900mah battery. But was presently surprised.

I got the battery here:
HTC EVO 4G BATTERY 1800+Dock USB CHGR DROID INCREDIBLE - eBay (item 220674019393 end time Nov-23-10 15:11:41 PST)

I gamble on the seller(http://myworld.ebay.com/chichitec/chichitec), since he/she have a 99.7% positive rating with many active listings. So if I did get ripped off, i can threaten the seller with bad reviews to have him refund me the cost + shipping.

I got the battery 2 week ago, and been doing some testing with the battery.

Here is my stock battery usage:
-My daily usage: 12-13 hour cell standby, with barely 3 hour active use (mostly playing psx4droid after work) will cause a auto shut off on my stock battery
-I got the phone back in June 5, 2010 and have been a heavy user. I charge the phone every night, but atleast 2-3 time a week i would use the phone till it power off on it's own (mostly playing games).
-Going off xda forum's battery testing, the stock evo battery usually have a capacity around 1435mah new, and capacity decrease about 1.5% per month due to usage.
- So 1435 * 5 month usage ~= 1320 mah for my stock battery current capacity.

Here is my extended battery usage comparison:
-Past 2 week daily usage: 12-13 hour cell standby (for my phone usually 10hour stand by is same as 1 hour active use), with slightly beyond 4 hour active use (range from 4hour to 4h 15 minutes).
-Going off above math the new battery have about 18% to 20% capacity above my current stock battery.
-1320 * 1.18 (conservative estimate) = 1557mah.
-So far for the last 2 week, the battery capacity has been pretty consistent. I didn't notice any noticeable decrease capacity in the 2 week usage.
-The extend battery charges in the phone without any problem (no excess heat, won't refuse to charge, etc)

About the external charge:
-Charge the "extended" battery in 5 hour.
-Also charge the stock Evo battery to full in 3 hour.

So for $29.99 + $5 shipping (I offered $25 + shipping and was accepted by the seller). I got a battery that seem to have close to 1550mah (most likely 1500mah) battery capacity. While it is not as high as 1800mah that I had hope, for the price I think it is a pretty good deal.

So I want to let other Evo owner know about my experience. If you want a quality backup battery, or want slightly more juice then your current stock battery (especially if you had the phone for a while now like me). You might want to check into this. :)

PS. I know about the 3500mah battery, but I think the EVO is already thick enough, i can't imagine currying something thicker. :cool:
i got me some of these batteries and you will not be dissapointed they will last a bit longer than stock htc batt. you will see better batt times.:)
I ordered form this same exact seller, and I have to say I am very impressed. Last longer than my stock, depending on my useage, I can get up to 29 hours with light useage. And I notice this person is jacking up the price because a few weeks ago I got 2 batteries and one charger, made a offer for only $26! And I use battery left PRO, and it does tell me that these battery have higher cap.