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Quest #3 -- startup animation

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BillyBee, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. BillyBee

    BillyBee Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My final question on this phone and on Android 2.3.3 is more for understanding than anything else....

    The previous owner of my phone purchased it from Koodo, so when the system boots I see the Koodo animation.

    I dont fully understand Rooting, but via rooting would it be possible to remove the Koodo animation from the boot loader and would it be difficult or impossible to make changes to the bootloader so as to eliminate or replace this animation .....

    I would be fascinated to hear your expert opinion and recommendations.

    Cheers and thanks for all ideas and links you might be able to provide.

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  2. FD1999

    FD1999 Newbie

    Do you mean the bootanimation or that logo what comes before?

    Logo (boot.img):
    Decompille the boot.img of your phone and there must be a file called initlogo.rle
    Create your own image and convert it to .rle and replace it with the old one. Recompille it, copy it to sd-card and flash it on your phone (flash_image boot /sdcard/boot.img)

    It's in /data/local/ (in the stock ROM)
    The file is called bootanimation.zip

    If you don't find it, it must be in /system/media/ (unlikely, only in CyanogenMod)
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  3. BillyBee

    BillyBee Lurker
    Thread Starter

    FD 1999, thanks for your input.

    The animation I see and would like to change is displayed just before the Android loading animation. I will use your information, so I thank you for it.

    In the interim, I downloaded an app called Boot Animation Changer even though I am nervous about using things like that.

    As far as routing the P500h, could you or someone else direct me to foolproof, step-by-step instructions via URL or whatever ...

    Other questions will arise:

    Is there a decent manual or documentation for Gingerbread available for free download....................
  4. FD1999

    FD1999 Newbie


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