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Question about Adding Calendar Events

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by miles_muso, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. miles_muso

    miles_muso Lurker
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    Hi All,

    Loving my Desire, but I think Android is missing an integration feature .......

    I just entered a new event on my calendar to go see an old friend. The friend's details are in my contacts list, along with his address, so why is it not possible to transfer the contact and address details to the new event? That way, I would be sure to get his address right, and could use Maps to get directions. Also, could there be some default and user templates for 'Event Description'?

    My ideal event creation process would therefore be:

    1) Tap on Calendar Widget to open new event
    2) Enter an Event Name (eg dinner at John Smith's house)
    3) Set the date and start/end times
    4) In the WHERE box, type 'John Smith' and Android uses the smartsearch function to AUTOMATICALLY LOOK UP John Smith and ADD HIS ADDRESS.
    5) Tap the Event Description box and select 'Dinner' from a simple list of templates.

    I'm not a user of MS Outlook, but I believe this is implemented in Outlook by 'inviting' people to an event. Surely something similar is possible in Android; after all - all the data is already in the handset.

    Perhaps I'm looking at this the wrong way and there should be an extra option in the contact details to implement this. So a contact detail screen would look like this:

    Call Home
    Call Mobile
    Send Message
    Send Mail
    View Home Address
    Create Calendar Event

    Does anyone know of an app that implements this? Or Am I waiting for Android 5.0??

    Comments. suggestions, etc would be most welcome!!



  2. CoreyMcGrath

    CoreyMcGrath Lurker

    I wish I could say I have the answear for you but I do not I am also wondering the same thing if someone does find the answear or a developer from the makers of android sees this could maybe make an update for all the android phones out there, that would be greatly appreciated!

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