Question about Android 2.0


I'm thinking about buying a HTC Hero, sim-free. I just have a question about the upcoming release of Android 2.0. If I were to buy a Hero now, the version of Android would be 1.5 or 1.6. When Android 2.0 is released, will I be able to get it on the Hero I buy now? Will the phone go from 1.5/6 to 2.0 easily? I know HTC are working on Sense for 2.0, but I presume that'll just be a firmware update.

Sorry if this seems like a noob-ish question, but I'm no techie when it comes to HTC and Android!

Thanks in advance!


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Android 2.0 is already released.
If you buy a new HTC Hero it will has an Android 1.5(HTC will skip Android 1.6)
When HTC will finish polishing Sense UI for Android 2.0 everyone can update it.
We all hope that it will go easily but I think that all information will be erased from your phone after update so it is recommended to make a backup before.


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I don't see relation between Orange, HTC and new Sense UI with Android 2.0.

So how they can talk about anything?


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It doesn't have to. I got my phone from orange but it isn't branded with any orange software. Orange will take a while to add their bits to their firmware version though. Glad I don't have their branding!