Question about buying Apps, Could it be Necessary?


well this is jus an observation ive come up with but if
im wrong anybody feel free to correct me...

Idk about buying apps cuz I never have but with free apps u wuld only
have to download it and simply back it up using Astro File Manager
soo my question is after buying an application couldnt anyone jus simply
back it up using Astro, connect ur phone to the PC, C&P the file
nd upload that file for all to download??

wat do u guys think of that​


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as i said...i wuldnt kno WAT happens whn u dl a paid-for app
all i kno is wit astro manager u can backup ANY app nd remove it frm ur phone


Not only are you going to be identified by the Google Account that you used to purchase it, but each phone has unique identifiers as well.

You're more than welcome to try, but I would seriously advise against it - the developers work hard for their apps, and the compensation for most paid apps is less than the price of a single meal.....

Carl C

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People who do that are simply RIPPING OFF the Dev's and their hard work, Time and effort are nothing more than Thieves. If you Like the app and use it support the Dev!.........