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Question about EVO and SERO

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mike208, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. mike208

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    Yes I know the EVO won't work on the SERO plan, which is why I purposely added a whole new plan for my EVO and kept the SERO plan. There were 2 reasons behind this. 1 If I decided I didn't like the EVO, I wanted my SERO plan to fall back on until I found something else I liked. 2 I was greedily hoping I could use the leverage of the SERO plan to have them waive the $10 fee for the EVO, I have heard fo this working for some and not for others. I think it all depends on how high up you escalate the matter. I really dont agree with the way they are marketing the fee. Customers have been complaining that they should not have to pay a fee for 4G when they are in a 3G only area. So sprint has begun countering this saying the fee is not related to 4G, but it for the experience of using all the features of the EVO. I have also heard them say that it allows for uncapped data, but doesn't the simply everything plan already do that? And lastly I heard that they are using it to make the data requests for EVO users higher priority then the rest of the users on the network. If this last 1 were correct I actually would probably be okay with the fee, but I think it's bogus. So basically what it comes do to, at least from the mouth of sprint is that we are paying this fee to use the awesome features of the phone, not 4G. And that would be all fine and dandy except I already paid for the phone when I bought it, that should entitle me to use all its features. Nobody else has to pay extra to use a phone they bought. Plus the fee is called premium data, not premium phone features. So it's obvious this is a 4G fee. And again, I will pay it if I have to, especially if sprint rolls out 3G in my area somewhat soon.

    So anyways, I called today because I wanted to have my number from the SERO account ported to be used on the EVO. I again wanted to keep SERO active and was going to port my girlfriends Revol number to my blackberry and have her use the SERO plan for now until we get her a new phone and add her to my EVO plan upgrading it to a family plan.

    When I called to do the port, the guy said that he could put my blackberry number on the EVO phone/plan. He said the way it works is that he would have to assign the EVO to the SERO plan and number thus automatically changing it from a SERO plan to a simply everything plan. Is this really the way it works? Is there no way I can move my current number to my EVO and still keep the SERO plan?

  2. SEROorNothing

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    Go to RadioShack and buy AT&T Pay-as-You-GO phone(15 bucks maybe). Port your SERO number to the AT&T network. After 1/2 days, port your number back from AT&T to your EVO account. Return AT&T phone back to RadioShack ( if u need the money). Your SERO account will remain temporarily closed for about 45 days before Sprint completely closes it. You can wait 45 days or simply port your girl's phone number into it to keep it rolling again... :cool:
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  3. TambourineMan

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    I was expecting and willing to give up my SERO phone number but this seems like a reasonably cheap option. If I like the EVO, I will be selling my SERO plan as the going rate for one with my features is about $100.
  4. PrimoOptimoso

    PrimoOptimoso Newbie

    I upgraded directly to the Evo ON my SERO (in this case "separated employee referral offer") plan - it's the SERO Ev Plus Data family plan for 109.99/1600 minutes combined. All that happened was that when we upgraded, both our lines started onto a 2-yr contract where we weren't contracted at all before, and my line incurred the additional $10/mo charge. My girlfriend's upgrade to the Moment didn't affect her line at all besides the contract addition.

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