Andy Android

May 27, 2010
I know that v2.2 will allow the installation of apps to the SD card instead of internal memory. What I was wondering is if this only happens automatically after internal memory is full, or if you can designate that apps be installed to the SD card instead of internal memory right off the bat. TIA.
If the dev has allowed it, you can chose where they're installed to.

Some will install to the SD by default, currently I have Live Earth wallpaper on my SD without any interaction from myself. A few others have updated to allow it (Shake Them All, Multi Tough Paint that I've noticed) if I wish.

Well, sort of.

You can filter apps that are installed on the SD card, or if you just tap into one, if it's on the internal memory, there will be a Move to SD Card button. It might be greyed out sometimes, but it still lets you know it's on the internal memory.
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