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Question about Moment Update?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by salth2o, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. salth2o

    salth2o Member
    Thread Starter

    So after going to three spring stores I finally found one that said they could do the update. I am not sure they actually did it so wanted to ask you guys.

    She told me that they did all the updates, but the final step was pushed over the air and it would take from 1 hr to 24 hours to show up. My phone still shows baseband cj05 and she said it would show 14 when it updated.

    The other weird thing is my phone did not get reset, at least it seems that way. When I asked her she said she backed it up and that she restored it. It has everything on it, even my bluetooth paired devices. Does that sound right? I have never seen them back the whole thing up like that before....

    I am wondering if after two hours she did nothing and did not want to tell me that....

    What does everyone think?

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  2. 9Nails

    9Nails Member

    Go to Settings / About phone - and look at the last 4 characters in your Baseband. That should read CL14 when your updated.
  3. salth2o

    salth2o Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah it does not, it still reads CJ05, and it did at the store. I asked her about it and that was when she told me the rest of the update would take a few hours to "push" to my phone and then it would update to CL14. Have you heard this before?
  4. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    Well, I can tell you that on my wife's Moment the update showed up as CL14 right away. No wait for an over the air push kinda thing at all. The phone was back to factory defaults as near as I could tell. Only Google contacts were restored. Sounds VERY fishy to me...
  5. meangene

    meangene Member

    Sounds like someone fed you a line...I'd go back and talk to the manager (maybe you can get something free out of this).
  6. Radical-J

    Radical-J Well-Known Member

    Gene is right. That is not how it works. You do not have the update. She flat out lied and mislead you--did I mention wasted your time? Go straight to the manager. They need to know about crap like that...
  7. meangene

    meangene Member

    I'd try to score a free sd card from the manager for my trouble, at least 4 GB worth, lol.
  8. salth2o

    salth2o Member
    Thread Starter

    So I just phoned her back to call shenanigans on her story. I told her I called customer care and the tech there told me there was no over the air update and that something was wrong. She told me that the latest memo they got said there was, and that she would "check into it" and get back to me tomorrow. I am at my whits end with this stupid update. WTF was sprint thinking???? I am pretty sure that no matter how complicated it is, most of us are waaaay less ******ed then the people they want to do them. I guess I will just wait to see if she calls me tomorrow, and then maybe try a fourth service center. I should have asked her to forward that memo to me to prove it.....
  9. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    I'd forget the phone and go back into the store and ask for a manager. You talk to the same person, and it's easier for them to back pedal and try and cover their tracks. Even if it is going to be OTA at some point, it won't be automatic. You have to tell the phone to update. So it wouldn't just magically appear at that point. She's either extremely lazy, extremely stupid or some combination of the two. And I'd definitely push for something free for your overall frustration, the wasting of your time and money to drive to the store to get the problem addressed, and just for the overall lack of regard for her job.
  10. danooooo

    danooooo Newbie

    The Sprint store in Coralville Iowa didn't have a clue what I was talking about. Finally I had to show them this forum, only to have them say the nearest service center is 2 hours away in Des Moines. I didn't appreciate their attitude.
  11. meangene

    meangene Member

    Seriously, go see a manager.
  12. SAShady

    SAShady Lurker

    She flat out lied. I got mine updated 3 days ago. It took all but 5 minutes, and as soon as they handed it back i checked the baseband. The phone was factory reset, and the baseband number was CL14. When i read this, i phoned up my friend who is the tech at my local repair center, and he laughed. I would definately rip someone a new ass.
  13. kvanduzy

    kvanduzy Lurker

    I don't think she lied, I think she is confused. There is an over the air update coming (for people that don't want to go to the store). But you may still want to talk to a manager.
  14. soopahman

    soopahman Lurker

    She lied to avoid admitting she didn't know what she was talking about.

    You don't have the update. You can do it yourself if you're on Vista or XP, but on Win7 it will probably brick your phone:


    You're probably better off avoiding the drama until they actually do release this OTA (which is possible on Android, but requires a lot more work than they've put in to this USB version of the update so far), or until Android 2.1 is released for the Moment.

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