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Question about ordering a new phone online...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CrazyTechnoBoy, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. CrazyTechnoBoy

    CrazyTechnoBoy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    When ordering the Epic 4G Touch online (through Samsung), it asks which plan I want. I am already a Sprint customer. Why do I have to choose a plan?

  2. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast

    Just choose your existing plan. That way, there is no change. They offer the option to change your plan at upgrade, but you can just select what you have and there will be no change.
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  3. CrazyTechnoBoy

    CrazyTechnoBoy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. That solved my question. But I barely noticed something. For the amazing low price of $99, I have to Buy w/New Service Plan. Does this mean that I will have to have a new plan in order to buy with that price?
  4. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast

    Perhaps they are referring to a new contract, which, of course, you get stuck with. If they said, "new line" than that would seem to indicate you have to add to your service.

    I didn't get as to which online web site you are using. Wirefly, Amazon, LetsTalk? Knowing which site might make it easier to see what their game is.
  5. CrazyTechnoBoy

    CrazyTechnoBoy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It is Samsung's site.

    I talked with Sprint, and this is what they said.

    7:06:26 PM : (Me): Thank you, but I was wondering that if I wanted to upgrade for a price of $xx.xx (which it says requires a new service plan), will I HAVE to get a new service plan?

    7:07:14 PM : (Me): Or do I just choose the plan I am currently on when ordering, and activate the phone myself when I recieve it?

    7:08:29 PM : Dolly K: If you are upgrading the phone with existing line , you need to opt your current plan which is already activated on your account.

    7:09:04 PM : Dolly K: Once you will get the new phone, please contact us via chat and we will activate the phone on your account with existing plan.

    7:09:47 PM : (Me): So I don't have to worry about it saying that I require a new service plan?

    7:10:04 PM : Dolly K: Please do not worry about that.
  6. Exit24

    Exit24 Member

    Is the site saying that you need a "new service plan" or a new line of service? The reason most people will give you a bigger discount when you purchase a new phone with a new number, on a new contract (which is considered a new line of service) is because their commission is a lot more.
  7. CrazyTechnoBoy

    CrazyTechnoBoy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    New Service Plan. So I guess it's all good. :D
  8. Exit24

    Exit24 Member

    I still have the feeling that they are going to set you up with a new line, with a new phone number. I know you called Sprint, but have you called Samsung?

    I'm skeptical because when I used to sell Sprint, I ran into a few people that ran into this problem. Try calling Samsung just to make sure... they don't get an extra commission for changing your plan during an upgrade. They do get a huge commission for signing up a new line of service though. Thats why wirefly, walmart, letstalk and almost everyone else can give you the phone cheaper when you sign up for a new contract (either signing up a new customer, or adding another line of service to your account) instead of doing an upgrade.

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