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Question about photo gallery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MommaH, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. MommaH

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    I just started using this phone a few days ago and I see it has automatically uploaded photos to the photo gallery. I can't figure out where these photos were retrieved from, as I don't have a pix place account at verizon, I don't have picasa, and the place I upload photos to is fototime which needs a u/n and p/w to access. I noticed some were lifted from an old blog of mine. I want to remove them, and thought I did. Twice. Yet this morning they are back on there again. I set my settings to not sync last night, but apparently it's still sticking these old photos back on. How can I find where they are coming from so I can delete them from that approach so it will stop loading them to my phone?

    (BTW, I can only get the pictures in the gallery to show as a slideshow, the basket for deleting doesn't show up with these photos that are being automatically uploaded).


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  2. jesta192

    jesta192 Newbie

    Congrats on the phone!

    Photos in general come from the SD card (saved there by the camera app). Some of the albums you see in Gallery (the ones you can't delete from) are most likely Picasa Web Albums photos. They should be coming from your main Google account (I presume). Mine shows images used in my Blogger blog.

    I think if you go into Accounts & Sync, and tap your main Google account (possibly others as well), then deselect Picasa Web Albums, it should stop syncing these albums. Might help to restart your phone after this step.

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