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Question about Possible custom rom solution for Motorola Defy Mini xt320

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by anushanthan, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Hi guys at the current time there is no custom rom for Motorola defy mini as there is a locked boot loader. I did some research on other phones with locked boot loaders and found that there are ways to install custom roms on devices like the Xperia s with a locked boot loader more specifically there is away to install MIUI V4 on it by rooting and installing CWM then flashing the zip as normal which causes the phone to boot loop as the kernel could not be flashed through a locked boot loader which is then overcome by plugging it into your PC and flashing a stock kernel as this is signed by the manufacturers and so can bee flashed eveon on a locked bootloader

    Since the Motorola defy mini also has away to root and install CWM could we possibly do this with our phone. If we port a gingerbread rom from a similar phone like the HTC Explorer which has the same specs as the Defy Mini and then flash this via CWM and then somehow flash the stock gingerbread kernel from our device could we successfully install a custom rom without bricking the device.

    Also since there is no stock ICS/JB kernel for this would i be right in assuming that we can only potentially port a gingerbread rom onto the device?


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