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question about rooted droid and ota updates

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jimbubba3, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. jimbubba3

    jimbubba3 Member
    Thread Starter

    I have rooted my droid and now I started wondering about what happens when verizon releases ota updates. I reverted back to 2.0.1 , 2.1 was a little too buggy for me. Does anyone know what will happen if/when verizon releases 2.1 ota. Will rooted droids receive the ota updates, will there be any problems installing the os. I just want to make sure I get the updates if I don't go back to mc's 2.1 rom.

  2. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Just like I forced 2.0.1, I'll be forcing the next update too. I have OTA updates disabled just to be safe.
  3. BigMace23

    BigMace23 Well-Known Member

    So if I unroot, OTA updates will be back to normal??
  4. jimbubba3

    jimbubba3 Member
    Thread Starter

    How do you disable ota updates? My big fear is that an ota update could mess up my phone.
  5. neemo6

    neemo6 Member

    Im wondering the same thing. This is the reason I have not yet rooted, worried as how ota's affect a rooted phone.
  6. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    To turn OFF future OTA updates, there is a file in the /system/etc/security folder. The file is named "otacerts.zip". Rename it "otacerts.zip.bak", or whatever you want. That will prevent future updates.

    You can change that filename using ADB, the root explorer app, or a terminal emulator app of choice right on your DROID. I use root explorer because it is easy and fast. But that's just me...
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  7. fpnewman

    fpnewman Lurker

    your solution worked like a champ :)
  8. cmc5dc

    cmc5dc Lurker

    I'll try it
  9. RottnJP

    RottnJP Well-Known Member

    Does this method still work? I ran the one touch root script, and it seemed to run properly... Barnacle wifi tether is running, so it looks like root is happy... But it's not letting me rename the ota file as described above.

    Any thoughts?
  10. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Android Enthusiast

    Are you using RootExplorer like messenger13 notes above?
    If so, make sure you switch to Read/Write mode before you try to rename the file. By default, RootExplorer opens in Read Only mode.

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