Root Question about rooting/installing roms on an unactivated phone.


I was wondering any of you know if it's ok to root and install custom roms on the VM Evo V 4g prior to activation. Will this nullify/complicate the activation process in the future? I'm in a place with no coverage. I had the phone shipped to me, but I'm on an island 12 miles out to sea, and there's no 3G/Wimax/4g anything out here. I've tried the hands free activation, but it doesn't seem to work over wifi (I do have wifi). Should I wait till I'm on the mainland and have been already activated to start rooting/romming? Thanks in advance for your help.


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I know that when I had the Triumph, you couldn't activate the phone on non stock ROM' you always had to make sure to activate the phone first prior to ROMming.