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Question about switching between Blackberry and Droid

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by gthrift, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. gthrift

    gthrift Guest
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    Now that summer is here in the south my family and I will begin spending more time at the beach, boating and riding jet-skis, kayaking, etc. When doing these activities I like keeping my phone with me in case of emergencies but I would hate for my Droid to fall into the water (there are probably 30 phones under our dock that belonged to friends and family). I was looking into maybe using the website to switch between the Droid and 8830 for the day or something but when I was about to do a test I noticed a few things.

    1) The website asks me to choose a data package. I have the unlimited web and data for smartphones now and the option for the 8830 is unlimited web and data for blackberries. Is there a difference and will that create a problem with the billing for the month? Will it charge 29.99 for both for the month or prorate for part of the month for the smartphone plan, one day for the blackberry plan and then again when I switch back to the smartphone plan?

    2) My current text option is the 250 texting feature but when I try to activate the 8830 the only options are for the two unlimited plans and doesn't show the 250 text feature.

    3) I also have the insurance options but when trying to switch there is nothing about insurance. What happens with that when switching phones?


  2. cgh

    cgh Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2010
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    I can't answer your specific questions, because I pretty much have unlimited everything, but I did activate my 8830 WE not too long ago while I was in the middle of rooting my Eris. From what I see, it didn't change anything in my billing statement, but it could be because I only switched to it for about an hour or so... I know that the data plan is supposed to be different for the blackberry, but in my case it didn't do anything different.

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