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I like this option and all but was curious if paying for a wireless tethering app allows me to be able to not worry about Verizon finding out or something. Or is there something through Verizon that allows me to hook phone up to laptop to use it that way if I wanted.


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I tried looking it up on Verizon site but couldn't find anything. Unless it is called something else. I am not sure. Thanks.


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You have two options for tethering. Neither of which is illegal, despite what you may have heard.

Option 1: - pay Verizon $20/month for tethering with a 2GB cap. Because Verizon cannot tell what data is tethered and what isn't, anytime you have the tethering app turned on, even if you're downloading the data directly on the phone, the data used will count towards your 2GB cap.

Option 2: - tether outside of Verizon's service, using data that you already paid for. However, this is against their terms of service and thus, a violation of the contract that you signed with them. While not illegal, you can have your service adversely affected if caught. With that said, unless you walk into a Verizon store and tell them you're doing it, you won't get caught. Verizon has no way of telling when you are tethering outside of their service.

Option 2 has further suboptions. You can get a free app for tethering, which requires root access. Or, you can purchase certain apps, such as PDANet, that don't require root access. Finally, you can change the DUN address on the phone which allows you to enable the tethering app on the phone without Verizon having a clue of what you're doing.


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Your browser(pc) asks you to sign up whenever you try to use the built in tethering program.

And there are ways for them(verizon) to make educated guesses that you are tethering. There are certain websites/ads/games etc that are impossible to use on a mobile phone no matter what "hacks" you are using. If they see the "offending" traffic headed to your account, they can safely assume you are tethering. Whether it's legal for them to monitor customer accounts(optimize the consumer experience) in such a fashion is for their lawyers to decide.
The "dun" profile is just the lazy way of finding offending users. They have other options at their disposal.


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I'm running Redemptive REVOlution (sense), and I seem to have lost the option to tether natively (the way I was able to before rooting). I even found the 3G Wifi Hotspot .apk, but it wouldn't install. My question is, do some ROMs not allow you to tether natively? (Obviously I can and do use Wireless Tether, but would like to have all options at my disposal, if possible)