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Question about the Wal-Mart $30/month plan

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by GAMESHARQ, May 23, 2012.


    GAMESHARQ Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have the Samsung Exhibit II 4G with the $30/month plan for 100 minutes and unlimited web/text.

    If I go over 100 minutes, does anyone know how much each additional minute costs?

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  2. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    Same plan I have. If you go over 100 minutes its 10 cents a minute after.

    I can live with that since I hardly use over 20 minutes. I used to have a pay as you go plan with Virgin Mobile that was 25 cents a minute for the first 10 minutes and 10 cents a minute after that.
  3. dralways

    dralways Member

    Does anyone know how I can put this plan on my current phone without buying a new phone?
  4. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    If your are a current T-Mobile customer I don't think you can. Its for new customers only. If you aren't a current customer just go to Tmo's website and order a sim activation kit and select that plan.
  5. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Android Expert

    Beware of those sim kits.
    I got 2 kits and both had bad activation codes.

    If you call you can get new codes but don't let them activate it because they will stick you on the wrong plan.

    Otherwise it works just fine.
    Don't call them for anything because they treat prepaid customers as red headed step children - this is basically an online only service, your problems are your own.

    You can download the T-Mobile my account app off the market and it works just fine for keeping track of minutes and data usage.
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  6. MRCMidnight

    MRCMidnight Android Enthusiast

    What you have said is true, and may other customers like myself and my sister after March of this year, some of us will stumble upon a invalid 11-digit activation code.

    What we did is called this number: 1-800-937-8997 provided by customer service and we follow the guide but somewhere down a few minutes in you get connected to a live representative to help you activate the code, be firm that you just want your phone to be activated. Later, they will try to let you select a plan from the range of options which T-Mobile provides everyday but tell them about the web only deal; 100 minutes, unlimited data and web, they know what you are talking about. Lucy, the representative that took my call did it for me and I was happy that my phone got activated, all I need to do is add money to start the monthly 4G plans, due date will recur the same day I add money. Total time to resolve this issue was 10-15 minutes. Best of luck for anyone having to go through this problem.
  7. ron scubadiver

    ron scubadiver Android Enthusiast

    A few years ago I had a T-mobile cash deposit plan. Does that mean I can't get the $30 5-gig plan?

    When I order the 99 cent sim, can I select the $30/5gig plan and that confirms it is available? I don't want to run out and spend $349 on a GNex if I can't get that plan.
  8. mogelijk

    mogelijk Android Expert

    From what I've seen, you should have no problem getting the Wal-Mart plan. Some people have had active T-Mobile phones and successfully switched, just that you have to use a new Sim card/activation kit. Some have even said they got their current T-Mobile phone number transferred to the new phone after activating the new Sim.

    Because of this, you shouldn't have any problems.
  9. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Android Expert

    I used this plan successfully for awhile.
    You have to beware that they were sending sim cards with bad activation codes.
    Once you get past that hurdle it works fine.
    They will port your number as well... no issues there.

    Just remember that they treat their pre-paid customers like red headed stepchildren.
    If your a contract customer they are much nicer.
    Just my personal experience.
  10. mogelijk

    mogelijk Android Expert

    Unfortunately, that is true of pre-paid in general. Of course, much of that reason is because they tend to make more money off of the post-paid customers -- for some reason Americans don't mind being gouged monthly so long as they don't have to pay for their phone upfront. I suppose much of it is the illusion that they are getting a "free phone".
  11. RDKamikaze

    RDKamikaze Android Enthusiast

    Just an update on the pre-paid SIM kit issue:

    I purchased my prepaid SIM kit from T-Mo a couple weeks ago and when it arrived, everything activated perfectly fine online. Hopefully that means they are out of "bad SIM kits" but it could be possible some floaters are still around. If it helps, my SIM kit said the activation expires January 2015 so maybe it was part of a new, good batch. :)

    If all else fails, just do what they said earlier and call 1-800-937-8997.

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