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Question about theme chooser themes..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scoson, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. scoson

    scoson Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi, quick story first. I was a previous Optimus V user but lost it roadside on Christmas eve. Quick research turned up that Best Buy had the Event for $20. Man what a score that was! Although this phone has some cheap qualities, and screen sensitivity leaves something to be desired it's so much better in some ways for $20 you can't wrong and I'm almost glad I lost my V!

    Anyway, I was using a BACKside rom on the V and have a dozen or so favorite theme chooser themes (along with a particular build of GO Launcher) it was way customizable. So I just got done with using the Poot root here on the Event and after 2 tries I now have root. Now, I have the apk for theme chooser but I'm guessing that I can't just install that and then some themes and it works? Does it need a custom rom to support it? I'm afraid to try thinking that there might be the slightest possibility that I'd brick it or something. Anybody shed some light on this? Thanks!

    Well, I just tried simply installing the apk and it wouldn't anyway, so..
    But while I was at it in ES File Explorer I used the root tools and uninstalled Chrome (Dolphin for me!) Google Play Books, Magazines, Movies and TV, Talk and Mobile ID.

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  2. nannycrick

    nannycrick Well-Known Member

    I'm also a former OV user running Backside IHO. (the best rom for the OV) and my experience is, Theme Chooser.apk HAS to be worked in to the rom by a dev. Theme Chooser is a "theme engine" not just a system app. I don't know if you can run Themer App on Google Play. you can try. If you have good results, please share. Until them, try a different launcher such as Apex, Nova, or Holo HD. All of these have customizable options and lots of themes available on the market. I have Apex, and Apex Gbox free for a theme. Nice stuff. Good luck.

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