Question about Twitter for Android


Ok, So I downloaded the official twitter app for android( I have the Dinc).

However, I have no clue on how to get twitter updates sent to my phone immediately.

Like occasionally I would get a notification that i have an x number of recent tweets, but its not immediate.

Now I know I can do it the old fashioned via text message..but I want to avoid that because its a smartphone and im assuming theres a way for it to be instant.



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The closest to this you can have is for it to check every 5 minutes. Open the twitter app, press menu, go to refresh interval and change it to 5 minutes. To have it be instant would require a push server.


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Try Tweetcaster.

I just started using the free one and it supports more than one account and i have two so this is a biggy for me.
Works great for my Vibrant and gives me immediate notifications at the top of my phone plus you can get vibration and/ or a sound or LED flash if you have it as well.

They have a Pro version which doesnt show banner ads, but the ads are very small on the bottom of the screen. Dont bother me. I just read the tweets.

The regular twitter app blows.


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^ Yes it does!! i use the last twitdroid app (before they changed their name) and it is the nest i have found so far.