Question about verizon phones


I currently have a droid x2 and a verizon plan. I would like to get a really cheap phone that I can simply pop my simcard into when I need to go somewhere where I would rather not bring my $500 phone that would cost a fortune to replace if broken.

BlackBerry 8703E Cell Phone QWERTY 'Black' Verizon CDMA | eBay

Will i be able to take the simcard out of my droid x2 and put it in this and get service?

If not what phone would be best for this? I would prefer something really cheap (>$30). All it really needs is the basic ability to txt and call. No internet or anything.

Thanks for the help.


Umm ya Verizon phones don't have sim cards. So it not as easy to switch phones. You will have to go through there website and change the esn # to the new phone.


I sort of understand what you are asking. I have a G2x (not a cheap phone) that I don't like to just carry around. I am an outdoors person and spend alot of time fly fishing. In fact just last week I slipped and got really wet and my trash phone in a zip lock bag got wet. It still works but I don't know if newer phones can take that abuse. What I do when I am out in the "wild" is I foward my g2x calls to my prepaid trash phone. If it's someone I know I take the call if not I let it go. I want my family to be able to contact me if there is something important but I could care less about surfing the web when I am fishing.